Antifa Protester To Police: “I hope ALL of your children get raped and killed” [VIDEO]

The Tatum Report’s Drew Hernandez was in New York City following Antifa and BLM protesters. An Antifa protester was caught on video shouting at cops that she hoped their children “get raped and killed” as the group gathered in New York City to protest a caravan of Trump supporters ahead of the election.

“I hope all of your children get raped and killed!” the unidentified woman screamed.

The woman then screams as she walks: “You’re a f**king disgrace to society.”

The protesters, who had gathered at Madison Square Park to confront a pro-Trump vehicle caravan ahead of the election, also appeared to criticize other members of their own movement.

In another of Drew Hernandez’s videos, the protester, who appeared to be the same female seen screaming at cops, shouts at another female protester who had just led a group in a chant.

“You only want to protest when the MAGA people are here,” she yelled.