Driver Rams Vehicle into LAPD Patrol Car

Steve Pomper

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, police fatally shot a suspect after he rammed an LAPD patrol car on April 24th. The incident took place in Hollywood in the middle of the afternoon at Sunset Blvd. and Fairfax Ave.

While patrol officers were responding to a 911 call, lights and siren activated, the suspect drove his car in front of the responding officer’s car. The suspect had stopped and then backed his vehicle into the patrol car.

As the suspect got out of his car, officers could see the man was wearing body armor and was concealing his right hand behind his back. Investigators reported the man began counting down, “three, two, one,” as he brought his right hand forward.

This is when officers, believing the man had a gun, shot the man the suspect. The suspect did not have a gun, and medical personnel pronounced him dead at the scene. Though officials will investigate, this may likely be a case of “suicide by cop.” reports that investigators have found no other motive for the man’s actions.

There is also a lesson provided by various media reporting and what elements they choose to focus on. For example, titled their coverage, “Man in body armor drives into LAPD cruiser, is shot dead.” But the Los Angeles Daily News went with, “Man wearing body armor shot to death by LAPD officers in Hollywood.” The latter headline can also leave an impression the cops shot a man simply for wearing body armor.

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