Dutch Attorney Reveals that New Farming Regulations are a Trojan Horse for Immigrant Housing

Despite being the world’s second-largest exporter of agriculture, Dutch grocery store shelves are barren. Blocking roadways, bridges, and routes out of distribution facilities, Dutch farmers are peacefully protesting the regulations that threaten to end centuries’ worth of work on family-owned farms.

One Dutch activist and attorney, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, believes that this is part of a much bigger agenda to take the land away from the people, forcing their reliance on the government for everything. 

Vlaardingerbroek told Dennis Prager:

“They’re actually now enforcing new regulations that are not even based in an actual law that will expropriate our farmers of their property, their land, by 2030 for about 30%. Meaning that most of them will go completely out of business. And the Dutch farming industry is a very lucrative industry.”

With a population of over 17 million people, the Netherlands is the second-largest exporter of agriculture in the world, with an estimated $97 billion of dairy, meat, vegetables, fruit, and flowers exported in 2020. The United States ranks first, with a population more than 18 times greater than that of the Dutch.

The Dutch government is planning to cut nitrogen and ammonia emissions by 50%, including a reduction in the amount of fertilizer used and reducing the total amount of livestock by 30%.

Farmers in the Netherlands say they are being unfairly targeted to cut nitrogen and ammonia emissions while other industries, like transportation, aviation, and construction, are not facing similar consequences.

Vlaardingerbroek explained:

“These farmers have family businesses that have existed for centuries, and they’re now being robbed of it by our government, and they have nothing to say against it.

So, they’re protesting this. And they’re doing that, I would say, very courageously and very strongly by blocking distribution centers, by blocking roads, by going to government buildings and protesting there. And they have, thankfully, a lot of support from the Dutch people. So, it’s not just bad news, even though what is happening to them is obviously criminal and a disgrace.”

It’s a Catch-22 for the farmer, who must essentially kill livestock to meet the government’s regulations. However, the killing of livestock is also effectively killing the farmer’s income, ultimately forcing the forfeiture of the land to the government.

Vlaardingerbroek says that state documents revealed that the government needs the land to house new immigrants, but is disguising the plan as a way to address “climate issues.”

In a world of 9 billion people, the new regulations will have zero effect on global climate change but a serious effect on global food supply.

She explains that:

“It’s part of another agenda. Obviously, this needs to happen by 2030, which rings a bell — the 2030 climate agenda, the 2030 U.N. agenda, the Great Reset. They want to get rid of these farmers because they take up too much land. They’re God-fearing, hardworking, honest people who are self-sufficient. And if you have a State that wants to have control over citizens, what better way than to get rid of these people and also to be able to control the food supply so people will be completely dependent on you? That’s what is really happening here. And they’re covering it up with nice terms about climate change, but that’s not the real issue at hand here. And if you think that that is a disgrace, then you should see how the Dutch police have responded to the farmers’ protesting.”

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