Elite All-Girls Nashville School to Allow Any Student Who Identifies as Female

Harpeth Hall, a prestigious all-girls school in Nashville, Tennessee has changed its admission requirements so that anybody who identifies as female can apply. OutKick reports that the school sent an email to parents explaining that it will be implementing a new policy that would admit males who identify as female. The email also contained a “Gender Diversity Philosophy” paper outlining the admissions policy.

The Gender Diversity Philosophy stated, “Harpeth Hall is a girls school. The school culture is unique and distinctly about girls, complete with the use of references to students as girls and young women and the collective use of female pronouns.” The document continued, “Any student who identifies as a girl may apply to our school. Students who join and remain at Harpeth Hall do so because our mission as a school for girls resonates with them.” Additionally, the document noted that any student who “communicates a desire to be identified as male or adopt he/him pronouns” would not be served at the school.

Harpeth Hall dates back to 1865 and is an elite college-prep school for female students in grades 5-12. However, Harpeth Hall is not the only all-girls institution to start admitting males who identify as female. In 2016, Barnard College, an all-women’s school in New York City, began admitting “applicants who consistently live and identify as women, regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth.”

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