Elon Musk’s Speaking Truth to Democrats Tour Continues Unabated

“The United States could end up like Venezuela,” says the wealthiest man on Earth, directed at the Biden administration.

He’s as concerned as every other American about the path the nation’s Democrat leaders (with the help of some Republicans) currently have the country on. It seems Tesla and Space X aren’t Musk’s only avocations. Speaking the truth bluntly and forcefully to political power seems to be another one.

FOX Business reported, “Elon Musk, whose purchase of Twitter remains ongoing, slammed President Biden in a podcast interview Monday and warned that if the government continues printing money, inflation will get worse and the U.S. might follow the path of Venezuela.”

Musk said, “The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter. The path to power is the path to the teleprompter.”

To emphasize his point, Musk referenced the Will Ferrell movie, Anchorman. He said, “Ron Burgundy reads whatever is written on the teleprompter, even if it would ruin his career.” Just like Joe Biden does.

And, speaking of ruining your career, Joe Biden doesn’t seem to work as hard at anything else. Well, calling it “hard” might be a bit off, as he seems to make ruining America look easy. Either way, hard or easy, his poll numbers are reportedly the worst for any President in U.S. history.

Musk went through a litany of Democrat Party foibles. On that list were things like too much influence on the Democrats from trial lawyers and labor unions and going against the interests of the American people.

He then contrasts Biden’s non-performance with a backhanded (sort of) compliment to former President Donald Trump. Musk said, “The Trump administration, leaving Trump aside, there were a lot of people in the administration who were effective at getting things done.”

Musk, who recently said he’s always voted Democrat, has sure been lighting up the Democrat Party, and its ostensible leader, Joe Biden. He seems fearless in his attack.

Musk criticized “Biden’s America Rescue Plan COVID-19 relief stimulus bill [that] contributed to the near-40-year-high inflation the U.S. experienced in April.”

He also recently said he’s never voted Republican. It seems that may change.

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