Emails Show Instagram Acted as a Government Agent for Biden Regime

“Instagram immediately complied with a Biden White House request to remove a fake account that parodied Dr. Anthony Fauci…,” according to the New York Post. The information came from emails the Republican attorneys general from Missouri and Louisiana obtained due to a lawsuit they’ve filed against the Biden regime for “colluding with top social media sites.”

White House digital director of the CCP virus response team Clarke Humphrey sent an email to an Instagram censor, asking, “Any way we can get this pulled down?” referring to what he called a “fake account.”

The censor wrote, “Yep, on it!” responding in under a minute.

The Facebook/Meta’s Instagram censor dutifully took down the satirical account parodying Saint Fauci.

Bobby Burack, at, wrote about and posted a tweet including the redacted email evidence of collusion.

Burack tweeted, “Biden Admin is trying to intercept ideas contradictory to its messaging. Social media is acting as a government agency, not a private industry.”

He added, “WH pressured Twitter to ban @AlexBerenson & Facebook removed posts questioning vaccine effectiveness.”

The Biden regime’s actions are like if a cop asked a confidential informant (CI) to violate the Constitution because he cannot, as in a case the Eighth Circuit ruled on in 2018. Like the CI, FB/Meta apparently acted as a government agent by censoring the Fauci parody site for the Biden regime.


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