EPIC! Trump Defense Team Destroys Democrats’ Argument For Impeachment [VIDEO]

The Democrats hammered President Trump for using the word ‘fight’.  Trump’s attorneys responded today with a collage of clips from each of the Democrats in the room using the word ‘fight’.

Trump’s impeachment lawyers concluded their defense of the former president Friday after less than three hours.  They attacked the process as a ‘witch hunt’ and called Democratic managers who argued it hypocrites.

Law professor Alan Dershowitz gave the Trump lawyers an A+ grade for their defense.



Three Trump lawyers spoke on Friday, going after elected Democrats who have used the word ‘fight’ in their own speeches and claiming Trump had a constitutional basis for his pre-riot speech.

Trump lawyer Bruce Castor yielded back about 13 hours of time that had been allotted, finishing by saying,

‘The majority party promised to unify and deliver more COVID relief. But instead, they did this. We will not take most of our time today, us of the defense, in the hopes that you will take back these hours and use them to get delivery of COVID relief to the American people,’


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