EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Trimino For “People Over Politics” In Bid For CA Governor

Not A Moment, But A Movement

Californians finally put pen to paper, saying enough is enough, and are recalling Governor Gavin Newsome. Republican entrepreneur Anthony Trimino believes he is ready to bring “faith, family, and freedom” back to California and defeat Newsome at the recall ballot box.

After Newsome’s disastrous Covid response that economically and psychologically ruined California, Trimino thinks, “it’s time to put entrepreneurs in office.”

Trimino remarked that his company, TRAFFIK, is responsible for “negotiating small little hundred-dollar deals and multi-million-dollar deals.” He said California needs “an entrepreneur in office to understand how to look at our contracts, renegotiate our contracts, and fight for more aggressive contracts.”

“I’ve spent the last 20 years negotiating hard with media companies, vendors, local companies, national companies, and global companies,” he said.

The Candidate for California Governor says that his administration will implement “competitive bidding across the board.” He also plans to cut all projects “that don’t benefit the general population.”

When asked if he had a specific project in mind, he laughed and said, “The train.” Trimino is referring to the California Bullet train, which Trump defunded and Biden has since refunded. Trimino calls it a “huge obvious example of overspending.” He says it’s simply a “train that continues to get unfinished, and the deadline continues to be pushed out” while bleeding taxpayer money.


The bi-partisan recall will have its snags as Newsome’s Democrat held-Congress won’t be going down without a fight. Just days before the announcement that the recall was valid, the California Congress passed Assembly Bill 152, which would allow the Democrats to speed up the timeline for the Governor’s recall. Trimino feels that it’s a trick to help Newsome stay competitive in the race.

“It’s quite simply in two words: voter suppression,” Trimino said. Gavin Newsome wants “to alter the rules of the game in his favor” by “limiting the amount of time the candidates have to go out there and reach voters, activate voters and registered voters,” he said.

Trimino says it’s unfortunate that these “clearly voter suppression” tactics are used in our election system because “the people that get impacted the most are the minority communities.”

Anthony Trimino said he wants his administration to be a “beacon of hope.” He calls his life story “as Californian and as American as you can get.” He said that one of his grandfathers escaped communist Cuba, and the other whose parents left socialist Mexico was born in Texas. Both of his grandfathers knew the dangers of socially and economically crippled countries and fought to give the future generations of their families a chance at freedom and prosperity.

Trimino sees what’s happening in America with the rise of communism and socialism and says it feels reminiscent of the warnings from his grandfathers. “The problem is nobody has anything to compare it to,” said Trimino.

“The vast majority of Californians did not flee from a communist country. They have no clue what it means, how it starts, or how pervasive it is.” He said that communism and socialism start with an idea, “and a lot of times, the idea sounds good on the surface.”

However, he warns, it’s never just one liberty that citizens end up losing. “They introduce one idea and then another idea, and before you know, it’s [a] slow decline into compliance, and you give up one freedom, then you give up another. And because they come singularly, you don’t really pay attention to all that you’re giving up until you realize that you have nothing left,” he cautioned.


His love for California and America showed with every story he told of his Texan grandfather, who identified as a proud and patriotic American despite his parents and his heritage being from Mexico.

Trimino said, “I remember growing up, and every time I visited his house, he’d have an American flag hung up. When somebody would ask him, ‘what nationality are you?’ he would say ‘American.’ ”

Trimino said his grandfather “wasn’t ashamed to be Mexican, but he was so proud to be American that he wanted everyone to know: ‘look, you know our family fought and struggled to get here. We are proud to be American. We’re patriots. We believe in America and the American dream.’ ”


Trimino knows that getting to Sacramento and into the Governor’s office is only the first fight. The real war is taking on those who “attack our most vulnerable, which are our children,” he said. Critical Race Theory won’t be around long in a Trimino Administration, as he promised that he is “100%” going to ban CRT in California schools.

Trimino plans to take California’s failing education system head-on. “I believe that school choice is necessary right now because our school infrastructure education infrastructure is broken. I do believe in school choice. I believe that the money follows the student,” he said. Trimino hopes to see the day where neighborhood schools are seen as a viable option for all parents.

He also vows to “ban a lot of the conversations that we’re having with children right now about sexuality; masturbation.” He intends to “completely and utterly reformed” the materials allowed to be taught in sex education.

“We need to equip parents to have these conversations at the dinner table,” Trimino said. He believes that education should be “general” and that it’s time they “create a divide between what should be taught at school and what should be taught at home.”

“Parents should feel comfortable and want to send their children to the local schools that exist in their neighborhoods and communities. That’s how we build community,” he said.

Trimino sees the breakdown of the family unit in California as one of the biggest hurdles the state has to overcome, or the “California Promise,” reminiscent of the “American Dream,” will die. He said the state is “incentivizing broken homes” and that it’s time to fund the police and make California’s neighborhoods safe for families.


Trimino has family and friends in law enforcement and believes the attack on the police helps to destroy our families and our communities further. He said, “We’re handcuffing the police and not allowing them to police, which creates an unsafe society. I would fund the police. I would fund more training for police.”

He said that he knows that police and those in law enforcement put their lives on the line and his team “are huge fans of the police department.” He promised they support [law enforcement] wholeheartedly.”

Trimino claims that “there are certain incentives for these” politicians and celebrities to get into office. He said, “For me personally, there is zero incentive for me to be an office. It would be a pay cut. It would be a disruption to my business. It would be a disruption to just my normal quality of life.”

He said he has “no interest other than restoring California to what [his] grandfather believed it could be when he left Cuba.”

“Our entire platform is based on liberating California. My promise is that my platform is going to be faith, family, and freedom,” Trimino assured. He said his “entire focus is going to be on restoring the family unit, restoring all that is good in California, restoring the California dream.”

“My focus is people over politics principles over policies. And if I get to Sacramento,” he continued, “people will believe again in the California dream.”

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