EXCLUSIVE: Boeing Employee Talks Vaccine Mandate Protests

Boeing announced that all 140,000 of the company’s employees must be vaccinated against Covid. Leaked documents show that in response, Boeing employees are planning to join other vaccine mandate protests. Internal records given to Human Events indicate Boeing union workers arranged a “sickout.”

One of the pictures shared by Jack Posobiec says, “RIGHT TO CHOOSE. SICKOUT. EVERY FRIDAY. STARTING 10/15.” The documents include a screenshot from the source asking to help “spread the word” for Boeing Union workers.

The text claimed that Boeing “acted in bad faith” during the negotiations concerning possible vaccine mandates because the company allegedly “[k]new months ago [Boeing was] going to mandate us at the end of the year.” It said the company hadn’t allowed the union workers enough time to understand the vaccine risks before deciding whether it was worth losing their job to refuse it.

“They are now leading the world to believe we have ample time to make a decision by Dec 8th. That’s a lie. We are protesting at the union, and we are now doing the #FreedomFlu,” said the text.

The internal documents show Boeing isn’t sticking by the highly publicized December 8 date. But instead, decisions on whether to get the vaccine need to be made by October 27 if you are getting the two-dose Moderna, November 3 for the two-dose Pfizer vaccine and November 24 if getting the one-dose Johnson & Johnson.

Boeing is offering its employees two hours of paid time off per dose for getting vaccinated or be fired if not exempt.

An anonymous source working at Boeing spoke exclusively to the Tatum Report about the vaccine mandates and current protests against them. As a breadwinner without a college degree, our source understands the blessing of having his job at Boeing. However, he doesn’t support the vaccine mandate and is prepared to lose his job over it.

“A big portion of Boeing’s contracts are for military and defense government contracts,” he said. A decision to comply with a government mandate makes sense “from a business perspective,” the company can’t afford to lose out on the lucrative contracts after all Boeing’s 737 Max issues.

He said it isn’t right, but companies like Boeing “don’t have a choice but to go along with the mandate.”

Without speaking for other employees, the source blamed “all the misinformation floating around” about the vaccine making it impossible for his family to “make a well-informed decision.”

“When we felt we had come to a decision to take the vaccine, something comes up in the news that sways our decision,” he said. “We are not against the vaccine. We’re against the ‘experiment’ of it all. No one can give a straight, unbiased answer.”

“So this decision to not take it will cost me my job,” he said. He is worried that his job at Boeing is all he knows. He recently started looking for a new job to help make ends meet in anticipation of the protests failing.

On top of the planned “sickout,” some vaccinated workers stand with their unvaccinated co-workers by refusing to input their proof of vaccination. He doesn’t have faith that this is enough to stop the harmful effects of the mandate, but that isn’t changing his decision to refuse the Covid vaccine.

“I take pride in my work, knowing that what I helped build is being used by people all over the world. This pandemic and mandate are going to strip that away from me,” he said.


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