Father Claims His Son is Being Coerced Into Transgender Identity by Therapist

Brenton Netz, the concerned father of an autistic boy, claims that the child’s mother employed a gender-affirming therapist to convince him to identify as a “transgender lesbian.” According to The Christian Post, Netz recently spoke about his family’s difficult position at the Family Research Council’s “Pray Vote Stand Summit” in Leesburg, Virginia.

During the summit, Netz, who now shares custody of his son Miles with his ex-wife, described the first time he came across records from the boy’s therapy session with St. Cloud, Minnesota-based gender therapist Troy Weber-Brown. To his surprise, the notes said that “Miles reports her sexual orientation as lesbian” and that “she reports her gender as [a] transgender female.”

Netz says that Miles, now 11-years-old was “diagnosed with autism at the age of 4” and has “an obsessive personality” along with “other real behavioral issues.” At the summit, Netz also described his son as a “vulnerable child” and slammed Weber-Brown for addressing his “autistic son as a girl named Miley using she/her and them/their pronouns.”

Additionally, he called out the therapist for the “appalling way [Weber-Brown] counsels troubled and vulnerable children” and claimed that “his stated goal is to re-parent them.”

Netz continued, saying, “In my case, [Weber-Brown] set himself up as my son’s surrogate father. He meticulously manipulated my son into thinking he was not only a transgender girl and lesbian, but they were also having structured discussions about irreversible hormones and surgical options.” Weber-Brown is listed as “a licensed family and marriage therapist, specializing in LGBTQ behavioral health care.”

Earlier this year, The Daily Wire reported that Netz had alleged his ex-wife was taking his child to see the gender therapist without his permission and that the clinic was on the verge of referring Miles for puberty-blocking medications.

Netz is confident that his son’s new identity is being forced upon him by adults who are using him to further their agenda, saying, “There is no way my autistic little boy voluntarily self-identified as a transgender lesbian unless he was convinced of that by an adult.”

Netz is considering taking legal action against the gender clinic for pushing his son to identify as a transgender lesbian. Last year, he won a court injunction barring his son from receiving any additional therapy at the facility.

He also continues to raise awareness of his family’s plight, in part so that other parents are aware of what is going on and can safeguard their children. He stated, “Our kids are under attack. We must do everything we can to save them from the jaws of this beast.” He went on to explain, “The schools are calling him Miley… Everybody in the medical establishment treats him as a girl, calls him Miley,” and noted that he is “the only adult in my son’s life who is not affirming … his delusion.”

Netz says he has custody of his son “every other weekend plus a lot more time in the summer” and that “If anybody met my son, within the first five minutes, you would realize that… he’s incapable of coming to those conclusions.”


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