Father And Daughter Share Video Rejecting 'CRT'

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Editor Note: Tatum Report was unable to share the actual TikTok video, and when viewed directly from TikTok the audio will not work. We have embedded a tweet with the full video after this article.

Conservative Tik Tok influencer Kory Yeshua (@koryyeshua) shows his fans how to raise your children in this backward world by rejecting the false knowledge of critical race theory. For example, Kory said he refuses to allow his children to learn to treat people based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their character.

Kory said, “Daddy teaches you that you can be anything in this world that you want to be.” His daughter is already stealing the show as she smiles and nods along, seemingly unaware of the blessings her father is giving her.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, yellow. How we treat people is based on who they are, and not what color they are.” Kory’s sweet daughter adds, “and if they are nice and smart!”

Kory said, smiling, clearly proud of his daughter, “See! This is how children think right here.” But, he said, “Critical Race Theory wants to end that.”

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Kory promised, “not with my children. It’s not going to happen. My baby’s going to know that no matter what she wants to be in life, all she has to do is work hard, and she can become that.”

Kory’s daughter is adorable, and I want to give her a squeezy hug because of how she responds to her father’s words. The little girl said, “Work hard even though you don’t know anyone; you can make friends.”

Her dad starts to giggle at his daughter’s advice, saying, “yeah, you can have friends, no matter what color they are. So, we need to stop CRT (critical race theory).”

Critical Race Theory has been seeping into our education system for 40 years. It teaches children to believe that race is everywhere. It’s in our homes, our schools, our relationships, and in our institutions.

Children learn that white people are born inherently racist. They use their skin color to help black people only if it also helps white people. It teaches children of color to distrust any motive a white person has, as their reason can only be to promote more whiteness.

CRT destroys families, often pitting members against one another under the guise of toxic racist behavior. Children are separated into groups of victims and are taught the characteristics of those groups. For example, science, math, reading, and logic are all racist white attributes. Kids of color are taught that they shouldn’t want those things, but instead, they should rely on storytelling to pass knowledge.

And if you disagree with CRT, you are a racist. Our kids deserve so much better than this.

“Children do not see skin color. They love everybody. They are good people. They love them.” said Kory. The clip ends with the daughter saying, “We pray for people that are hurting.”

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