FBI Agents Accuse Biden Regime of Overblowing White Supremacist Threat

According to National Review, “‘During a theatrical summit titled ‘United We Stand,’ themed to suggest that rightwing hate is rampant in the country, Biden said the White House is launching a new strategy to stop domestic terrorism, ‘prevent people from being mobilized to violence,’ and ‘counter exploitation of the internet.’”

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tweeted, “Joe Biden’s holding a ‘United We Stand Summit’ today at the White House, at the same time he’s calling half of America ‘extremists.’”

To paraphrase a popular meme, The gaslighting will continue until obedience improves. Once again, in an attempt to bolster the mythology that “white supremacy” is the most dangerous domestic threat America faces, Joe Biden reiterated his commitment to battle this imaginary foe. And he did it at a rally touting “national unity.” But people who matter are noticing and calling him on his absurdity.

The Washington Times reported, “Rank-and-file FBI agents are accusing the Biden administration of exaggerating the threat of White [sic] supremacists and pressuring agents to cook up domestic terrorist cases involving racist extremists.”

The Times spoke with former and active FBI agents who said the Biden regime is overstating the pretend “white supremacist threat.” Agents said their bosses are coercing them to “create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White [sic] supremacists to meet internal metrics.” 

About white supremacy, as viewed by FBI headquarters, an anonymous agent told the Times, the demand is outstripping the supply.

Biden also announced the creation of a “specialized” unit at the DOJ “to combat domestic terrorism.” Translation: to combat Biden’s political opponents. 


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