FBI Altering Stats to Downplay Legal Gun Owners Stopping Attacks

The FBI’s flailing credibility is taking another hit. According to FOX News, “A new report from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) [run by founder Dr. John Lott], argues that the FBI’s data contains ‘massive errors’ when tracking active shooting incidents, undercounting how often armed citizens have thwarted active-shooting situations over the last eight years.”

CPRC President John Lott Author: More Guns, Less Crime

The CPRC’s data indicates, out of the active shootings from 2014 to 2021, 34.4% “were thwarted by armed citizens.” But the FBI reported “only 4.4%” stopped armed attacks, which is a noticeable and significant difference possibly, intentionally designed to mislead the public about “good guys with guns.”

Gun Shop

The Washington Examiner reported that Lott said, “An analysis by my organization identified a total of 360 active shooter incidents during that period and found that an armed citizen stopped 124.” 

Lott also noted so-called “gun-free zones” hindered law-abiding gun owners from taking defensive actions. “The numbers indicate if we didn’t have gun-free zones, we would have more people stopping these attacks,” he added in the report.

Gun-Free Zone

When he re-crunched the FBI’s data, Lott found that “the percentage of shootings stopped by a legal gun owner jumped from single digits to 34%-49%.”

Sadly, alleging the FBI fudged its numbers to arrive at a preferred political result surprises no one these days. 

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