FDA Officials Come Out Against Covid Booster as Dems Create Path for Vaccine Passports

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In a blow to Democrats’ upcoming plans to enact vaccine mandates and possibly vaccine passports for interstate travel, 18 FDA officials come forward suggesting Americans not be forced to take a booster. In a report published by the Lancet, a reputable medical journal, 18 health officials inside the FDA wrote that “any decision” to suggest the vaccinated population receive booster doses “should be evidence-based and consider the benefits and risks for individuals and society.”

Rep. Thomas Massie warned that vaccine passports are coming to America. The firebrand Representative wrote, “This is how they roll this out. Hacks in the administration go out and soften the ground while the president remains silent. Then on a Thursday or Friday, Biden does a presser and announces a new mandate, so people have a weekend to get over it.”

The FDA officials, led by Dr. Philip Krause and Prof. Thomas R. Fleming, said that despite all the studies showing the Covid vaccines to be effective at staving off severe symptoms, these studies are only “preliminary and difficult to interpret precisely due to potential confounding and selective reporting.” Critics say the booster shot is just another revenue scheme by Big Pharma. As millions of Americans decide to wait on the Covid vaccine, manufacturers must get their product into arms giving the American public two options – vaccine mandates and unlimited boosters.

The report said that “careful and public scrutiny” of the Covid vaccine date needs to happen so that “decisions about boosting are informed by reliable science more than by politics.”

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In a blow to Dr. Fauci’s scheme to vaccinate every living mammal from a disease with an extremely low fatality rate, the FDA officials assert that no study “has provided credible evidence” of Covid vaccines “substantially declining protection against severe disease.” The report states that “even when there appear to be declines over time in vaccine efficacy against symptomatic disease,” that doesn’t prove it protects against hospital stays.

“If boosters (whether expressing original or variant antigens) are ultimately to be used, there will be a need to identify specific circumstances in which the direct and indirect benefits of doing so are, on balance, clearly beneficial,” the FDA officials urged.

Rep. Massie said he attempted to stop vaccine mandates in its tracks by offering an amendment “to defund vaccine passports before the president can issue his executive order.” Unfortunately, Republican Brian Fitzpatrick voted with the Democrats to block the amendment and pave the way for vaccine passports.


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