FDA Orders Juul E-Cigarettes be Taken Off the Market

On Thursday, U.S. health officials ordered Juul to remove its e-cigarettes from the market. This is the latest setback for the beleaguered firm, which is generally held responsible for a rise in teen vaping throughout the country. Following years of regulatory delays, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is making this move as part of a broad initiative to provide scientific scrutiny to the multibillion-dollar vaping sector.

The Associated Press reports that the FDA ordered Juul to cease distributing its vaping kit and cartridges with tobacco and menthol flavors. Existing products must be taken off shelves. However, the agency said customers are not prohibited from owning or using Juul’s products.

Companies will have to demonstrate the public health benefits of their e-cigarettes for them to remain on the market, which means they will need to demonstrate that adult smokers who use them will cut back or quit smoking and show that minors will not become addicted to them. According to the FDA, Juul has overwhelmingly contributed to a spike in teen vaping.

Juul stated that it disagrees with the FDA’s conclusions and would work to have the ban delayed while it weighs its options, which may include filing an appeal and speaking with regulators. The FDA said in a statement that Juul’s application raised serious concerns for authorities and lacked sufficient details to assess any possible dangers. The agency cited “insufficient and conflicting data” in the company’s studies into topics such as dangerous substances possibly leaking from Juul’s cartridges.

Juul’s chief regulatory officer, Joe Murillo stated that the company submitted sufficient data and information to answer all concerns highlighted by regulators. He explained that the company’s application, which was submitted more than two years ago, included comparisons to other products including combustible cigarettes. He also said that it contained details on any possible negative impacts of the company’s products.

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