Fed Judge Grants Special Master Cites DOJ’s Uncontrolled Leaks

The DOJ’s alleged illegal, political leaks continue to flow despite a recent scolding by a Florida judge assessing the FBI’s August raid of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. But, as is also the case throughout the entire Biden regime, the law seems of little matter to the Democrats’ stop-Trump-at all-costs onslaught. 

The Daily Wire reported, “In a Monday ruling that a neutral third party, or special master,’ must go through material seized in the raid, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon noted that the feds seem unable on their own to stop media leaks that hurt Trump.”

Cannon, a Trump appointee, said, in part, she ruled to appoint the special master because the leaks show the “risk” is too high that the DOJ/FBI will not preserve Trump’s rights. In fact, Judge Cannon concluded, Trump “has sufficiently established irreparable injury.” 

Constitutional scholar and law professor Jonathan Turley accused the DOJ of attempting to “frame the public debate through selective releases of information.”

The DOJ/FBI’s blatant “fishing expedition” at Mar-a-Lago has now turned up, as cited by Cannon in a footnote, “unsubstantiated claims Trump had nuclear secrets and a photo of documents spread out on the floor of Trump’s home.”

Reportedly, the DOJ also allegedly, illegally seized privileged attorney-client documents and medical records belonging to Trump.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president, tweeted, “The federal U.S. District Court Judge highlights FBI/DOJ failures to be forthright with court, failures to protect rights of Trump, leaks and other shady acts.” Fitton suggests the “Biden gang… drop this sham case ASAP.” 


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