Fed Up Angelinos Gather Required Recall Signatures in Attempt to Sack LA DA George Gascón

The group, Recall DA George Gascón, fed up with the George Soros-funded DA’s raping and pillaging of Los Angeles County’s criminal justice system has announced, according to ABC 7 News, that they have “collected enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.”

The group needed to collect signatures from ten percent of registered LA County voters. That’s over 566,857 signatures. But they’re not done collecting, which is prudent in any Democrat stronghold these days.

The campaign is aiming for 650,000 – 700,000 signatures. “Organizers said their focus has now turned to collecting as many additional signatures as possible to ensure there is a necessary ‘cushion’ to offset those that are invalidated by the county registrar of voters.”

As reported by FOX News, this is Gascón’s second recall attempt. Gascón campaigned on a “criminal justice reform platform.” But, rather than “reform” the system by any recognizable definition of the word, Gascón essentially has nullified the law in LA County.

In fact, his own assistant DAs sued him for not allowing them to follow the law, in particular, enforcing the three-strikes law and gun and gang enhancements. The assistant DAs won—twice.

As FOX also reported, “As crime has increased across the county, so has scrutiny of its top prosecutor, who has barred his deputy district attorneys from seeking enhancement allegations, which can significantly lengthen prison sentences, and charging juveniles as adults, even those accused of serious crimes, among others.”

The Daily Wire reported, “plans to recall Gascón began to gain momentum…” when the public heard audio of a murder defendant, gang member, urging his lawyers to “‘hurry up and make a deal’ while Gascón still held office.”

It also didn’t help when Gascón’s light sentencing of a juvenile who’d allegedly attempted to murder a mother walking her baby in a stroller. The graphic video showed the suspect swerving onto a sidewalk, plowing into the mom who lifted the stroller and turned her back to the vehicle, suffering the brunt of the impact to protect her baby.

Rather than even sentencing the suspect to incarceration at a juvenile detention facility, Gascón okayed the suspect serving his time at a “youth camp.”

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