Five Texas Democrats Who Flew to D.C. Test Positive For COVID

Texas Democrats fled the state to avoid voting on bills – aimed at strengthening Texas elections. Democrats left the state to get recognition for evading a vote they were guaranteed to lose. But all Texas Democrats have gotten so far is grief from the right and COVID.

That’s right. Five of the Texas Democrats have now reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. All five of the Covid positive Democrats were also fully vaccinated.

State Rep. Trey Martinez, who was instrumental in organizing the walk-out that broke the Congressional quorum required to vote and pass bills, announced that he was one of the Democrats that tested positive.

“Today, I received a positive COVID-19 rapid antigen test result,” Martinez Fischer said. He went on to assure everyone that he was “fully vaccinated and had tested negative on Friday and Saturday.”

“I am quarantining until I test negative, and I am grateful to be only experiencing extremely mild symptoms,” he said.

Representative Celia Israel admitted to also being one of the Texas Democrats who tested positive for Covid, tweeting on July 18, “Yesterday, I tested positive for COVID-19. What this highlights is the risk every @TexasHDC member continues to face to defend the state we love and the Texans we represent. Despite my setback, I will continue to push forward and fight for every Texan to have their voices heard.”

Now the House Democratic Caucus has decided to ramp up its testing among the renegade lawmakers shucking their responsibilities. A statement shared to Twitter stated, “In light of some positive COVID-19 tests over the weekend, the House Democratic Caucus (HDC) has decided to go beyond CDC guidance and provide daily rapid tests for all Members and staff in Washington D.C. for this week.”

Even though the House Democrats support Joe Biden and Jen Psaki sending Federal “volunteers” door to door to ask about your vaccination status, they want you to refrain from asking any questions about this ongoing outbreak among Texas Democrats.

The statement said, “The HDC will, and asks others to, respect the privacy of Members and their personal health. The caucus will provide updates as warranted.”

All five Democrats reportedly have either mild symptoms or are asymptomatic.


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