Florida Company Incentivizes Employees by Offering Two Free Homes

While many companies are taking advantage of employees to the worker’s detriment, one Florida company is changing the game of appreciating staff.

Mechanical One is giving a huge incentive for its employees — the opportunity to win one of two brand new and mortgage-free homes.

Two lots have already been purchased and $500,000 set aside to build the three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes. 

The company provides air conditioning and plumbing for new developments and is owned by Jason James. 

James, 40, cooed about the incentive:

“My passion is really trying to reinvent employee appreciation. Our business model is really, if we take care of our people, they are going to do more for us than any marketing budget.”

To be eligible for next December’s drawing, employees must be with the company for at least a year and take a financial literacy class paid for by the company. Employees also need to log 20 hours of community service at a nonprofit of the employee’s choosing.

Whether or not they win the grand prize, James sees incredible value in the eligibility requirements.

“They get a financial education, which helps them get to the goal of owning their own home anyway, and it has an impact on the community.”

Currently, none of the near 100 employees are yet eligible as the company first opened its doors this past July.

James considered giving away a car or a vacation but decided that a completely paid off home would make the most difference. Some employees own homes but many rent. 

After a stint with Chick-fil-A, the CEO said he was inspired to create a company with a focus on its employees. The chicken chain provides employees with a low-cost health plan and semi-annual outing for employees and their families.

James understands that his company is only as good as its employees.

“There’s a labor shortage in these trades because they’re skilled. You’ve got to have quite a lot of exposure and training to understand these systems.”

He worked in the HVAC industry for six years before opening Mechanical One. He desires to change the industry by “incorporating more smart technology in buildings and with a keener eye on the labor pool.”

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