Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Gets Feds to Stop Limiting Monoclonals

“We’re locked and loaded,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told the press at Broward Health in Ft. Lauderdale. According to The Epoch Times, Gov. DeSantis was referring to the federal government relaxing “its policies on limiting monoclonal antibody treatment drugs…” for states.

Only a few days ago, Florida’s surgeon general, “Dr. Joseph Ladapo, alleged HHS had reduced the number of antibodies allocated to the Sunshine State earlier this year ‘without any advanced notice,’” the New York Post reported.

Dr. Ladapo also “accused the Biden administration of ‘actively preventing’ the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19, causing an ‘immediate and life-threatening shortage of treatment options.’” DeSantis had also recently accused the Biden administration of interfering with “the distribution of these treatments.”

The Feds notified states, through the HHS website, of the takeover of monoclonal antibody treatment dose distribution. The Biden administration used familiar terminology, posting that limiting distribution would “help promote optimal and equitable use of the available supply.”

However, it appears the feds have reconsidered and are now releasing more doses to states, including Florida. DeSantis said with the release of more doses, he’ll be establishing around 10 more “public infusion centers in southern and central Florida.”

As DeSantis said earlier this year, “the federal government had ‘cornered the entire market’ of monoclonals.” It’s no secret the Biden administration has been extremely critical of Gov. DeSantis’s objective success in Florida against the CCP virus.

The Times further reported, “the antibody therapy had been shown to sharply reduce the severity of COVID-19 cases when given to patients within a 10-day window of experiencing symptoms.”

This federal interference was a part of a pattern of the Biden administration’s apparent desire to usurp control from the states and private entities in handling all facets of the pandemic. The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials’ Chief of Health Security James Blumenstock stated his views plainly as to what the Biden administration did.

“Before the federal government ‘took over,’” Blumenstock said. “The distribution of antibodies from two companies—Regeneron and Eli Lilly—treatment centers and doctor’s offices could order directly from them.”

When it happened, DeSantis had said he was “surprised” by the fed restricting doses because he’d “been told Florida would receive a 50 percent increase… not decrease.” So, he reached out to a monoclonal treatment manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, to order directly from the company to make up for his state’s shortfall.

The Times reported it was a Texas doctor, Jim Jackson, who, before the feds’ announcement was official, alerted other physicians about the Biden administration taking over monoclonal antibody treatment distribution. Dr. Jackson observed, “This is what happens when government gets involved in things.”


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