Ford EV Division Bleeding Billions. Says Gas Vehicle Divisions Will Compensate

Ford Explorer EV

What happens when you try to replace market-driven production with government-driven product manipulation? You get conflicts—and irony. For example, according to The Daily Wire, “Ford Projects Its EV Division Will Lose Billions This Year. Ford is relying on its gas-powered vehicle production to fund the carmaker’s transition to EVs.”

Ford Explorer EV

Ford has an arbitrary “goal of selling only zero-carbon emission vehicles by 2040.” This goal is not fueled by supply and demand but by the Democrats’ pretend “climate change crisis.” It’s brilliant. Pick an issue that exists naturally (climate change), pretend people can do something about it, manufacture a crisis, and then declare a “state of emergency” to gain political power. 

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Ford Motor Co. expects to lose about $3 billion on its electric-vehicle business this year, a reminder of how far traditional auto makers have to go in turning their EV portfolios profitable. Ford disclosed the figure Thursday while outlining a new financial-reporting structure intended to give investors better insight into the performance of its three business units. Ford finance chief John Lawler described the EV division as a startup inside the 119-year-old company, and said it is normal for a fledgling business to rack up losses. Ford shares were down about 1.3% in afternoon trading Thursday.” 

Ford expects to overcome its losses, similar to Tesla’s decade of losses before it turned a profit. However, though Elon Musk took advantage of government subsidies, that could be just good business, exploiting an available financial opportunity. Because it’s clear, Musk is not a part of the woke industrial complex that’s obviously influencing corporations like Ford.

As Americans learn more about current EV research and development and how it damages the environment the Democrats pretend to advocate for, profit won’t come anytime soon.


And, aside from the environmental damage, people are likely to become aware, as Forbes recently reported, of child labor abuses occurring at cobalt mines in Africa. 

Americans are not likely to ignore the plight of abused children forever. And, as this CBS report from five years ago shows, it’s not a new issue. It’s just not widely or often reported.  

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