Former Arizona County Attorney Dies Weeks After Her Resignation

Just over a month after she resigned from her controversial position as Maricopa County Attorney in Arizona, Allister Adel was found dead from “health complications” in her home on April 30.

Adel was sworn into the position on October 3, 2019, and controversy was laced throughout her short-lived career.

She quickly went under scrutiny after protesters were falsely arrested on gang charges during the protests in 2020. 

Later that year, she fell and hit her head resulting in emergency surgery to stop a brain bleed. 

She then tangled with an addiction problem that sent her to rehab in September 2021. Her coworkers reported that she would show up intoxicated for work if she even showed up at all.

According to PBS, earlier this year, five top prosecutors called for Adel’s resignation, voicing concerns about her sobriety, work absences, and judgment. Her top deputies alleged she had shown up drunk on the job and had sporadic attendance in the office.

Adel resigned from her state position on March 25 after it was revealed that she dropped the ball on 180 misdemeanor cases, which included drunk driving and domestic assaults. As a result, all of the cases went unprosecuted and the defendants cannot ever be tried again.

Her family has asked for privacy during this time and hasn’t released any information surrounding her death.

Her husband, David DeNitto, said in a statement:

“This May we would have celebrated 20 years of marriage. My family and I are utterly heartbroken by this unimaginable loss. We are so very proud to call Allister wife and mom. We are asking that the press and the public honor her, her legacy, and our family by respecting our privacy at this difficult time.”

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