Former ESPN Sports Reporter Allison Williams is Joining the Daily Wire

Former ESPN sports reporter Allison Williams is joining the Daily Wire. Allison Williams was let go from ESPN after refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Allison released a statement saying, “The Daily Wire is one of America’s fastest-growing media companies, and I am thrilled and honored to join them. I am proud to be a part of a company that fights for our rights, and I cannot wait to bring agenda-free sports reporting to the Daily Wire’s members and millions of followers.”

Allison is trying to become pregnant with her second child, and under the advice of her fertility doctor, she decided against getting the vaccine.

While at ESPN, her accommodation request was denied, and she was separated from the company. Daily Wire’s Editor Emeritus, Ben Shapiro, said, “Allison is a massive talent. ESPN’s loss is our members’ gain.”

The Daily Wire has vowed to fight Biden’s vaccine mandate once it is made public. At the Daily Wire, Allison will lead a special sports series exclusively for Daily Wire members.

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