Former Obama Staffer Says Woke Math Could Pose a Threat to National Security

A leading Democratic economist is voicing concern about the emergence of “antiracist” math courses, saying it could be a national security threat. Larry Summers, a Harvard economist who directed President Barack Obama’s National Economic Council, recently shared a letter signed by more than 700 academics condemning the development of woke math efforts in K-12 schools.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that supporters of the “antiracist” curriculum frequently advocate for abolishing advanced math programs to limit success gaps for low-performing children. According to k12mathmatters, the organization behind the open letter, this flawed strategy reduces “access to skills needed for social mobility.”

The letter states:

“While the U.S. K-12 system has much to improve, the current trends will instead take us further back. Reducing access to advanced mathematics and elevating trendy but shallow courses over foundational skills would cause lasting damage to STEM education in the country and exacerbate inequality by diminishing access to the skills needed for social mobility.”

The letter also claims that new measures have reduced performance disparities by devaluing core math skills such as algebra and that limiting or discontinuing advanced math classes will disproportionately impact public school kids, putting them at a disadvantage against private school students. It warns that such revisions will erode students’ knowledge of mathematics, algebra, and logical reasoning at a time when such skills “are arguably even more critical for today’s grand challenges than in the Sputnik era.”

Additionally, Summers explained, “In China, math standards are not subject to continued erosion by social justice warriors who can’t define exponential growth or solve quadratic equations.” Adrian Mims, one of the educators who signed the letter, told the Free Beacon that teachers should be trying to elevate students to advanced math classes, not trying to “lower the ceiling.” He added, “If you do that, it’s going to eliminate a lot of postsecondary opportunities for them.”

Besides eliminating advanced courses, as is the case in New York City, radical education activists seek to eliminate supposedly racist procedures like showing your work and getting the correct answer in math courses. According to a February report by the Free Beacon, Democratic contributors have helped to spread this new-age way of teaching mathematics, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which funded a charity called A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction, which urges instructors to observe how math “is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.”

Recently, a group of medical professionals also spoke out against the “woke” curriculum in medical schools, claiming that it could lead to unqualified doctors and eventually death.

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  1. All part of the Marxist ideology! Dumb down the masses! Only the connected, the rich, will receive the education needed, to advance in this New World Order. No more Dr. Ben Carson’s, no more, Black Supreme Court Conservative. Judges. No more Colin Noir’s. No more David J Harris’s. No more Candace Owens’s
    Gates was a Capitalist. Now, an evil, greedy, lustful, population control, minion of Lucifer, IMO.

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