FOX Reporter Shows Video of Thousands of Migrants Attempting to Cross the Southern Border

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Over the last few months, the Biden-Harris administration has attempted to mislead the American people into believing there is no border crisis. Concerned citizens and border officials, on the other hand, have captured shocking footage in the last 24 hours that proves otherwise.

According to a video obtained by FOX’s new reporter, Bill Melugin, a large group of thousands of illegal migrants were captured crossing the border near Anzalduas Bridge in Mission, TX.

Although the exact number of migrants that crossed has not been established, Border Patrol seems to hold at least 7000-8000 individuals under the Anzalduas Bridge based on the footage. According to a Border Patrol whistleblower, the illegal migrants came to the southern border in the hopes of getting their documents so they could proceed to the rest of the country.

Thanks to ICE and whistleblower migrants, we now know that undocumented aliens entering the country are no longer apprehended, detained, and then deported. According to reports, undocumented immigrants entering the U.S. are no longer apprehended, detained, and sent back to their home countries. Instead, they are handed an envelope with a paper stating that they tested negative for COVID-19, a document containing their fingerprints, and a ticket to any U.S. city. They are also assigned a court date with ICE officials. However, data shows that only 13% out of 50,000 migrants actually show up.

Texas and other bordering states have already had their fair share of political superstars visit and promise to secure the border in the safest and humane way possible. Governor Abbot of Texas announced plans in June to finish the current border wall begun by former President Trump, but the current amount of money raised toward funding the wall does not even come close to the actual cost.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) also sued Texas on Friday to prevent Gov. Abbott’s order. The order allows the Texas Department of Public Safety to “stop any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion” while carrying migrants, in case they are spreading Covid-19.


As the Biden administration and their Democrat colleagues deliberately make it more difficult for Border Patrol agents and Texans to defend the border, Republican elected officials must enact some form of legislation to assist in adequately defending our southern border. The current border crisis affects Texas and all neighboring states and will eventually result in a significant shift in American politics and culture as we know it.

Although it is the president’s constitutional duty to protect the U.S. border, the American people and their elected officials must wake up before it is too late to protect our country.


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