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One of the two major American political parties is being led by leftist radicals attempting to overthrow the republic our founders conceived and created. They do this by erasing history, including everything America has rectified to make this nation a “more perfect union.”

When one party uses the tremendous power of the federal government to attack political opponents, Americans must resist. It’s not hyperbole to say our way of life is at a precipice about to topple unless we stop it. One weapon they employ is exploiting a mysterious health crisis, which is no longer.

Ask yourself, how is it the “science” sanctioned by one political party is the only “science” allowed to proliferate even as it censors “wrong” science. What are the odds that the only “true science” is what the party happens to agree with?

I was reading The Epoch Times recently. That paper has saved my traditional Sunday morning newspaper reading. Among the many exceptional articles, I was struck by a poignant letter to the editor.

Tom Guzman of California recalled a Winston Churchill paraphrase of George Santayana’s familiar quote:

“Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

Whether you prefer Churchill’s version or the original, the point is crucial.

What leftists are doing may be new to America, but tyranny is not new in world history. Imprisonment, torture, and murder are not a tyrant’s only weapons against an oppressed people, especially initially.

As Guzman points out, Mao also took jobs away from resisters of his communist cultural revolution. But it’s inconceivable an American political leader would ever take away Americans’ jobs from them.

Hard to argue Maoist tyranny is not happening in America when governments issue mandates that create pretexts to fire resistant employees and hire compliant ones. It’s unprecedented that governments and their de facto agents in private enterprise are firing firefighters, cops, nurses, doctors, etc. And it’s the Democrats doing it, not Republicans.

Guzman cites historical tyrants deploying propagandized youths to turn in any resisters, including their parents. Hitler conscripted pimpfs (associated with Hitler Youth), boys as young as 10. “By 1939, 90 percent of boys aged 14 and older were members.”

Guzman broaches Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Mussolini’s Black Shirts, and the similarities to the Democrats’ BLM/Antifa militias, which he calls “Green Shirts.”

Both began as private organizations that supported Hitler’s national socialism and Mussolini’s Italian fascism, sometimes violently. As the tyrants gained power, the Brown and Black Shirts transitioned from acting as bullies under a political party to serving as the tyrant’s official government militia.

These “street thugs” were used to enforce the Party’s agenda.

According to, “The Brownshirts are infamous for their operation outside of the law and their violent intimidation of Germany’s leftists and Jewish population.” Today, leftist radicals are the Brownshirts, while conservatives and the “unvaccinated/unmasked” are the “undesirables.”

Now, check out the following ominous dichotomy. And if you are an ordinary Democrat, and you ignore or outright condone this affront to equal justice under law, as an American, you need to ask yourselves some tough questions.

On January 6, 2021, a relatively minor riot occurred at the Capitol in D.C., lasting only a few hours. D.C. prosecutors have charged conservative arrestees mostly with trespassing, a non-violent misdemeanor. Some demonstrators at a legitimate rally provoked by honest dismay at 2020’s dubious election processes in several states broke off and wound up at a still unclear disturbance at the Capitol.

Astonishingly, for the United States of America, to this day, authorities in Washington D.C. seem to be holding bona fide political prisoners. Prosecutors have not charged one of the 1/6 “insurrectionists” with insurrection. Suppose this “pre-trial detention” is not political. Why have D.C. and other American cities treated leftist rioters so differently when their offenses were so much worse by every measure?

For months in 2020, leftist rioters repeatedly savaged American communities, looting, robbing, assaulting, committing arson, and even murder. Not only have governments not prosecuted many of these arrestees, but leftist government allies have excused their “mostly peaceful” violence.

Kamala Harris even promoted a bail relief fund that sprung violent criminals from jail.

This is not conjecture or political opinion.

Tucker Carlson’s new three-part documentary, Patriot Purge, details the government’s denial of equal justice to conservatives. It also illuminates a growing likelihood senior FBI officials had agents participate in and help instigate the January 6 riot. reported on a comparative analysis conducted by Real Clear Investigations regarding the government’s treatment of the political left vs. right.

“The summer 2020 riots resulted in some 15 times more injured police officers, 30 times as many arrests, and estimated damages in dollar terms up to 1,300 times more costly than those of the Capitol riot.”

In many cases, blue jurisdictions didn’t allow police to arrest leftist rioters and true insurrectionists. And prosecutors wouldn’t charge those who were arrested. And many rioters who were charged were never prosecuted.

Back to Guzman pointing out similarities between the Brown Shirts and Black Shirts and the developing force of “Green Shirts” to assist the Biden administration’s exploitation of the CCP Virus to enact his “Green New Deal.”

Governments worked to decimate law enforcement even as they watched and facilitated the rise of BLM/Antifa street violence. This leftist violence and the governments’ ignoring of it lends credence to Guzman’s “Green Shirt” fears. Guzman ends his letter with words every concerned American patriot can relate to.

“I am an 88-year-old father, grand-father, and four-year USAF Korean War veteran, and I fear for my grandchildren and their future families.”

We cannot allow history to repeat making the great socialist/Marxist mistake, this time, in of all places, America.

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