Gavin Newsom’s Wife Accused of Trying to ‘Bribe’ Rose McGowen to Stay Quiet About Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan is actively accusing Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, of trying to get McGowan to take a deal in return for making rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein go away.

McGowan is responsible for dropping arguably the most explosive bombshell to come out of the California Recall race. McGowan, an early supporter of the Recall Gavin Newsom efforts and who recently endorsed Larry Elder to replace Newsom, shared the connection between Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Harvey Weinstein’s powerful Democrat law firm Boies and Schiller on her Twitter in a thread.

At the press conference with Larry Elder, McGowan reportedly said she stopped being a Democrat once she realized that “everyone who has harassed, stalked, and stolen from [her] in [her] time in Hollywood has been a Democrat.”

McGowan said it wasn’t until recently that she remembered Jennifer inferred she was a Harvey Weinstein rape victim to gain access to a victim-only group. She said that the “treachery was coming at [her] from all sides” in the height of the Weinstein chaos, and she had forgotten about it.

McGown connects Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, and the Democrat law firm responsible for representing Harvey Weinstein in his sexual abuse lawsuits in a four-part Twitter thread. She states that “Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s sister is married to a partner at Boies Schiller law firm Joshua Erwin Schiller.”

In the graphic shared in part two of the reveal, McGowan alleges that Jennifer Newsom arranged to meet with her to talk about supporting women directors in Hollywood. However, after seeing Jennifer Newsom secretly conversing with Reese Witherspoon before their scheduled meeting, McGowen “realizes Jen isn’t going to be a true ally” and leaves before the meeting.

Rose claimed that after she messaged Jennifer Newsom to cancel the meeting, Newsom called Rose McGowan and asked, “What could Boies-Schiller do to make you happy?”

McGowan said that this question made it “clear” that Jennifer Newsom had no intention of working with McGowan to help women directors stand up to the Harvey Weinsteins of the movie business.

She said that shortly after Jennifer Newsom called her to lobby for Harvey Weinstein on behalf of the Democrat law firm Boies-Schiller, the New York Times published an expose showing the methodology used by Harvey Weinstein and the mountain of handlers who helped cover up all of his sexual harassment accusers.

McGowan claimed that “after Weinstein was exposed publicly, Jennifer Siebel Newsom got into a Weinstein victims only group.” In this group, Jennifer Newsom reportedly admitted to the survivors that she called McGowan for the Boies-Schiller law firm because she thought she could help McGowan heal.

“I do not hate on and want to destroy all men,” Jennifer Newsom wrote to the survivors of Harvey Weinstein. “Yes, I am disheartened and disappointed with Boies and the firm (but there are so many more men like them.) I want us to heal as a culture, and so I asked Rose, “what if anything Boies could do for her to heal” and then I thought I would present that to my brother-in-law to take to Boies.”

Jennifer Newsom continued claiming that Rose McGowan “basically said F him and all men and that was that.” Newsom said, “I imagine this is why she told [redacted name] I was a spy for Boies.”

Jennifer Newsom claimed that the assertion that she would be a spy for her brother-in-law’s very powerful and connected law firm was “crazy.” In McGowan’s 2017 response, she told Jennifer Newsom not to blame Rose’s accusations on “trama.”

McGowan said, “My instincts have gotten me this far. If you are so distant from your brother-in-law, why would you be asking me what they could do?” She also said that Jennifer Newsom also wasn’t giving an accurate account of their phone call, saying, “I didn’t say all men could go f**k themselves. I said Boies could.”

McGowan stood alongside Larry Elder at a Recall Gavin Newsom campaign stop where she detailed the allegations against Jennifer Newsom.

Jennifer Newsom’s team released a statement to Business Insider stating:

“It’s disappointing but not surprising to see political opponents launch these false attacks just days before the election. Their limited correspondence has been strictly as fellow survivors of assault and in Jennifer’s former capacity leading the Representation Project, an organization that fights limiting gender stereotypes and norms.”


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