General Motors Eliminates Heated-Seat Feature On Some Models Due To Chip Shortage

The lack of semiconductors is having a big impact on automakers. General Motors has confirmed that it will eliminate the heated seat option from some of its 2022 models to save semiconductor chips for more vital components and complete more cars.

The New York Post reports, The Chevrolet Colorado, Blazer, and Silverado, as well as the GMC Canyon, Terrain, and Sierra, are among the affected models. A new AutoPacific poll showed that heated seats are the most desired feature for car buyers, with 60% stating they are a must-have.

Ventilated seats and heated steering wheels are also on the chopping block due to the shortage.

GM’s chip-saving effort is just the latest, after removing fuel-saving cylinder deactivation technology and an engine idle-stop function from several truck models. The company also had to postpone the availability of its hands-free Super Cruise technology on Cadillac Escalades for the 2022 model year. 

A GM spokesperson claimed, “Every effort was made to protect as much as possible. That’s why only certain trims are impacted.”

Other manufacturers, such as Tesla, BMW, and Porsche, have also adjusted this year to options like touchscreens, multi-adjustable seats, and USB ports to reduce the number of semiconductor chips needed.

In September, it was reported that semiconductor shortages would result in a loss of about 7.7 million units produced and approximately $210 billion in lost revenue for the industry in 2021.

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