Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims She Has $700,000 in Legal Bills

Although Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was predicted to win re-election as polls closed on election day, leftist organizations challenged her eligibility to be on the ballot. According to the Washington Examiner, she had to contend with a group that branded her an insurrectionist for standing up for some of the people imprisoned following January 6. Additionally, she faced opposition from a well-funded upstart candidate in a campaign she ultimately won 66% to 34%.

In her first lengthy video tweet since Elon Musk returned her personal account, she claimed she had $700,000 in legal bills. She explained, “They actually attacked me so hard. They tried to get my name taken off the ballot. This was earlier this year, and I couldn’t defend myself and raise money for attorney fees. My attorney fees are approximately around $700,000.”

The first-term representative also noted that when she lost her personal Twitter account over COVID-19-related tweets, she lost a large fundraising avenue to defeat opponent Marcus Flowers. Greene slammed Flowers and his supporters, saying, “basically all that money you guys donated, millions and millions and millions of dollars, you could have donated to try to beat other Republicans. You poured it into Marcus Flowers, and he lit it on fire like a dumpster fire — just like our cities were in the summer of rage and 2020. That’s what he did with your money.”

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