Goats Get Deputy’s Attention–Big Time

Cops face all kinds of curious, weird, creepy, and dangerous situations. But during one recent shift, Madison County, Alabama Deputy Casey Thrower got to meet a goat. No, not the Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, or Tom Brady type of G.O.A.T. but a legit goat—actually, a couple of them. Video from FOX 2 News. 

According to WMTW TV 8 News, with an apparent divide and conquer strategy, one goat (let’s call him Michael) hopped onto the deputy’s patrol car, making its way to the light bar and creating a distraction, while his partner in crime skittered into the vehicle.

Once inside, the goat (let’s call him Brady) began snacking on some of the deputy’s paperwork.

 TV 8 also reported, “Thrower has been serving Madison County for 40 years.”

 “Deputies joked he [Thrower] was also their “G.O.A.T.” as in the “greatest of all time.”


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