'Golden Globes' Ratings CRUSHED By Trump: 'Go Woke Go Broke' [VIDEO]

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The Golden Globes followed the trend of all the award shows that are going super woke.  Their numbers are crashing.

The popular award show peaked with an average of 6.057 million viewers Sunday night on NBC, according to ShowBuzzDaily.com.

To put into perspective how bad the viewership was on NBC, “60 Minutes,” “The Rookie” and “American Idol” all had more viewers in the early data…

That was a drop of 60% in viewership over the previous year.

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The numbers however were much better for Donald Trump.
Over 8,158,000 people watched the former President on YouTube delivering his CPAC speech.

These are YouTube numbers:

  • Right Side Broadcasting 3.7 million
  • Reuters: 902,000
  • ABC News 208,000
  • The Hill 906,000
  • ABC Australia 352,000
  • The Independent 1,000,000
  • FOX 35 50,000
  • SKY News 222,000
  • News Now 818,000

Many more YouTube and Rumble channels, as well as cable news, carried President Trump’s speech in full on Sunday.

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