GOP House to Investigate Biden’s Possession, Alleged Coverup of Classified Docs

Washington D.C. history has taught Americans, it’s not the crime; it’s the coverup. With Joe Biden’s conveyor belt revelations about his mishandling of classified documents, it’s likely both. The new House Republican majority is launching an investigation into Biden’s possession of national secrets.

According to Townhall, “Biden’s ‘garage-gate’ scandal keeps growing as it turns out even more documents were found at President Biden’s private residence earlier this week, but their existence was only disclosed on Saturday morning.”

This is the Biden regime’s MO: find classified documents and then wait for something like an election (or time to formulate a lie) to pass, before announcing the breach. 

“On Thursday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre — who has insisted she’s being truthful with the American people and transparent about what she and the White House knows — told Americans that the search for classified documents in Biden’s possession was ‘complete’ and Biden was ‘confident’ in the process.”

But saying something doesn’t make it so. Just ask Biden sycophant Joy Behar of ABC’s The View. After Biden’s lawyers “discovered” classified documents in an office, several more “found” documents have occurred. Yet, Behar defended Biden saying, “he takes classified materials seriously”—because Biden is not Trump.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump separate and not equal


Leaked FBI photo of carefully laid out Trump docs from Mar-a-Lago raid

Behar suggested “Republicans planted documents on Biden to help Trump,” as reported by FOX News. Even the Biden regime hasn’t suggested this because they know Biden took the docs. 

NBC News reported, “The House Judiciary Committee announced Friday it’s opened an investigation into the Obama-era classified documents that were found in… Biden’s Delaware home and his former Washington office.”

According to NBC News, Judiciary Committee Chair “Jim Jordan… has sent a letter to… Merrick Garland demanding all documents and communications between the Justice Department, FBI, and the White House about the discovery.”

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan

Biden and Trump supporters can try to argue whether President Trump declassified the documents seized by the FBI/DOJ during the unprecedented raid at Mar-a-Lago. The type of raid they didn’t conduct on Biden. However, then-VP Biden had no such authority, so, there’s no argument the docs found in his possession are still classified. 

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