Gosar Wants to Know "Who Executed Ashli Babbitt?"

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Marmee Rooke

Unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed during the events on January 6 at the Capitol. The Washington D.C. medical examiner, Dr. Francisco Diaz, said in a statement at the conclusion of the autopsy that Ashli Babbitt died of a gunshot wound to her left anterior shoulder. Her death was and continues to be the only death ruled a homicide stemming from the Capitol breach on January 6

Americans want answers, and yesterday, America First representative out of Arizona, Paul Gosar, intended to get them. The House held another committee hearing to uncover what happened on January 6 and ensure it never happens again.

At the hearing, Rep. Gosar called on the Justice Department to name the person he said “executed” Ashli Babbitt. In his opening statement, the Arizona Republican accused the federal government and partisans in our media elite class of spreading “outright propaganda and lies” against Trump’s supporters to “unleash the national security state against law-abiding U.S. citizens.”

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“Mr. Biden calls January 6 the worst attack since the Civil War,” Rep. Gosar states. “A president was impeached for his alleged role in that riot. It was reported early totally unconfirmed that an armed insurrection “beat a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher.” The government has even enlisted Americans to turn in their own neighbors.”

Rep. Gosar turns to former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. Rep. Gosar asked, “Mr. Rosen, You claimed that the DOJ would “spare no resources.” Did the DOJ confiscate any firearms from suspects charged with breaching the Capitol on January 6?”

After some humming from Rosen, Rep. Gosar takes his time back and answers for him. Gosar explained that the FBI had confiscated ” zero” firearms concerning the events of January 6. A pattern formed where Rep. Gosar would ask Rosen a simple question to which Rosen would use doublespeak to avoid answering.

Rosen continued to avoid answering questions as Rep. Gosar asked the former DOJ official if he “recalled the name of the young lady, a veteran wrapped in an American flag, that was killed in the U.S. Capitol?”

“I do. Her name was Ashli Babbitt,” Rosen said, signifying the first straight answer during the exchange. Then, Gosar digs in, “Was Ashley Babbitt armed? Rep. Gosar asked Trump’s former Attorney General Jefferey Rosen, “Was the death of Ashli Babbitt a homicide?

Rosen claims he is trying to be respectful; however, the former Justice Department official refused to answer. Gosar is actively annoyed that Rosen won’t concede to the fact that “as the death certificate says, it was a homicide.”

Gosar ended his time asking again for Biden’s Justice Department to release the footage of the Capitol building. Gosar claims the footage possibly contains evidence that would give the American people answers to the homicide of Ashli Babbitt, as well as freeing Americans currently in jail for peacefully protesting.

“If my Democratic colleagues really want the truth, they would join me in demanding the release of this Capitol footage on and preceding January 6,” finished Gosar.

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