Gov. Gavin Newsom to Empty State’s Piggy Bank While Economic Disaster Looms

If you ever wonder if the far left is creating economic, social, cultural, etc. collapses in America purposefully, it’s no longer much of a stretch to believe. In the immediate aftermath of the federal government legislators arguing over sending a massive $40 billion to Ukraine, the leader of the state government in California wants to spend far more than twice that amount—essentially all the state’s budget surplus. Some $98 billion.

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, Newsom, “Has acted untouchable ever since surviving recall efforts last year.” They also contrasted Democrat Newsom with, “Many GOP states [that] are using their windfalls to cut taxes. Not California.”

The WSJ continues describing Newsom as spending “his surplus on buying votes and ameliorating… [California’s problems] that progressive policies have created.” Apparently, he plans to be especially generous (with the people’s money) to California’s teachers unions who’ve trashed the state’s public-school system, which has been devastating for California’s students.

This is especially concerning for a state worried about, among other catastrophes, predicted rolling brownouts and even blackouts this summer.

The Pleasanton Weekly reported this spending spree is, “Simply without precedent.” Noting Newsom’s gift as “a man of many superlatives,” found it difficult to “adequately describe just how much extra cash the state of California will have to spend in the coming year’s budget: $97.5 billion.”

According to the Weekly, this is the largest surplus any state has ever had, “drawing disproportionately from the state’s highest earners.” Earners who are leaving the oppressive state for free states like Florida and Texas.

Newsom emphasized the “concentration of wealth and success in the hands of the few….” Reflexively whipping out a tired leftist trope. He added, “I am proud of California’s progressive tax system…and we’re the beneficiary of that.”

“We’re,” meaning Newsom and his Democrat enablers in the state legislature who are the last defense of Californians, but unlikely to vote against their dear leader.

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