Governor Newsom Aims to Stop Hollywood Filming in Some Red States

California Governor Gavin Newsom called for Hollywood productions in Georgia and Oklahoma to move back to the state. Some Hollywood productions moved to Georgia and Oklahoma during the Covid lockdowns. Newsom’s crusade against the states is due to abortion policies that Newsom does not agree with. Newsom’s campaign took out a full ad with the title, “Hollywood: Your values, Your choice.” 

The ad stated:

“California is the best place in America to create. For 100 years, we’ve been the home for storytelling and storytellers. Together we built a creative community that includes unrivaled cast, crews, craftspeople, infrastructure, and technology. Robust tax credits and other incentives. The best culture,” the ad says. “Most importantly, we share your values. So now, it’s time to choose.”

The ad follows Governor Newsom’s support for a bill to invest more money into California’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program. The bill would extend it through 2030. The program gives $330 million of tax credits to the film and tv industry.  

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt reacted to the ad by suggesting Newsom focus on fixing his own state’s issues, including homelessness and violent crime.

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