Hackers Took Down Brazil’s Health Ministry Site Deleting All Medical Passports

Hackers took down Brazil’s government health ministry site, which held all Covid-19 vaccination records, making it impossible to determine who in the country is vaccinated and who is not.

According to a Reuters report, Brazil announced Friday, December 10, that it appeared hackers took several systems within the health ministry down, “including one with information about the national immunization program and another used to issue digital vaccination certificates.”

Those opposed to the vaccine mandates are praising the move by the hackers after Brazil announced the country would halt the vaccine requirement for travelers until the system is restored, but in exchange, those travelers will have to quarantine for five days and test negative for Covid-19.

The hacking firm, Lapsus$ Group, took credit for the disruption in a message posted to Brazil’s health ministry website. According to Reuters, the group claims to want money in exchange for returning all the Covid vaccine passport data.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been vocally opposed to the vaccine and deems vaccine passports as another way individuals lose their freedom. “We asked why the health passport? What is that leash that they want to put on the Brazilian people? Where is our freedom? I would rather die than lose my freedom,” Bolsonaro said.

Brazilian health minister Marcelo Queiroga told the press the hackers would be punished. “It’s being investigated, and once someone is found guilty, they will be exemplarily punished,” he said.

Queiroga echoed President Bolsonaro’s comments on freedom against vaccine mandates. According to the report, Queiroga confirmed the administration had ruled out requiring proof of a COVID-19 vaccine for travelers entering the country.

Queiroga reportedly told the press that “people cannot be discriminated against between vaccinated and unvaccinated to impose restrictions.” He added, “Sometimes it is better to lose your life than to lose your freedom.”

Indonesia has also been in the crosshairs of hackers concerning covid vaccine information and much more. In September 2021, hackers took down several government sites, including one protecting voter information and another holding the President of Indonesia’s vaccine passport.

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s vaccine passport information was leaked after the hack leading Indonesians to wonder if it is safe to get the Covid vaccine and risk having their personal health information revealed to the world.

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