Happy Dance Shame: California Health Inspector Orders Lancaster CA Brewery To Close [VIDEO]

Bravery Brewing Company is a full-on family business based in Lancaster CA, a high desert city in northern Los Angeles County.

A health inspector named Jatinder Chhabra visited Bravery Brewing ordered them (already struggling because of COVID lockdowns) to close.

On Sunday, Bravery Brewing – which doesn’t have TVs-  set up Super Bowl Sundays with limited hours so customers can take the freshly brewed beer home with them before the game.

Chhabra ordered the brewery to close down because they didn’t pay hundreds of dollars to food trucks to come by.  Another new COVID requirement.

Watch Chhabra celebrate shutting down the brewery with a happy dance:

An employee argued with Chhabra and told her that they were only doing take out.  She didn’t care and told them to shut down anyway.

The employee put the brewer, Brian Avery on the phone with Chhabra and he told her to call her supervisor.  Her supervisor told Chhabra she was in the wrong however, she wasn’t done yet.

According to The Federalist, Chhabra made the brewery employee make copies of 11 forms while customers stood there waiting to be served.

Chhabra rifled through racks, inspected bar tools and danced all the while customers were waiting for the issue to be resolved.

The Federalist reports:

This year, knowing people would be setting up their own parties, Bravery opened for just four hours for customers to grab beer to take home with them before kick-off. Because of that, they didn’t pay the few-hundred-dollar minimums food trucks ask to come by — something they’ve been required to do when serving people on-premises because, apparently, COVID.

This year, however, the inspectors are in charge, and surveillance footage shared with The Federalist shows Los Angeles County inspector Jatinder Chhabra entering the building just over half an hour after they opened. They had to shut down right now, she informed the employee, who was ringing up two customers at that moment. Why? No food truck.

When he protested, saying they were doing take-out only, Chhabra informed him that made no difference. She was “brash,” Bart recalls the employee telling him, and “arrogant, and she could give a sh-t less about shutting us down.”

These leftist inspectors have let power go to their heads.  They appear to revel is destroying small businesses.


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