Heavily Armed Mexican Cartel Taunts Texas National Guard On Southern Border

With the exception of Fox News, mainstream media have largely ignored the daily invasion of illegal immigrants who flood our Southern Border with Mexico. Bill Melugin has been reporting for the outlet the devastation caused by the intentional policies of the Biden Administration to keep our borders open.

In a recent interview with Brett Bair, former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said in 2021, our border has seen approximately 400,000 illegal immigrants cross but never report to Border Patrol. But even more alarming, he noted, is that this number doesn’t include any illegal crossings that happen on the hundreds of thousands of unprotected miles along our Southern Border.

Our Border Patrol agents are spread thin, and their ability to do anything to stop the illegal immigrants has been sharply constricted. Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered Texas National Guard to stand on the border and help patrol the migrant influx ravaging local border towns.

Bill Melugin was offered a chance to patrol with the Texas National Guard to document the crisis for Americans. Cartels are major players in human trafficking, using Coyotes to make tens of thousands of dollars per person. So it isn’t surprising to see Cartel activity at the Southern Border.

However, videos show the Cartel actively taunting the Texas National Guard from the safety of the Mexican bank of the Rio Grande River. The disturbing footage shows the Cartels waving their rifles as a show of force as hundreds of migrants cross.


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