Heller Bashes D.C. Anti-Gun Activists—Again


As the radical left continues to make the streets more dangerous by coddling criminals and defunding cops, they’ve also worked hard to restrict the people’s Second Amendment right to self-defense. But this diabolical calculus just suffered another setback.

According to John Petrolino at Bearing Arms, “The confetti was hardly swept up from Justice Thomas’s 74th birthday extravaganza and another folk hero of Americana lore, Dick Heller, took a shot at dismembering more of the District of Columbia’s hydra-like laws.”

Justice Clarence Thomas

As a backdoor attempt at gun control, anti-gun rights activists went after magazine capacity and ammunition purchase restrictions. “Shall not be infringed” seems a difficult concept for these folks. 

Heller went to court again, this time suing D.C. for this newest attempted government overreach. D.C. capped the amount of ammo a “private citizen may carry on their person when bearing an arm in public… to 20 rounds.”


Dick Heller

Using a “historical justification” and “arbitrary and capricious” argument, with D.C. “fearing imminent defeat,” the District “publicly folded their hand…” and repealed the magazine and ammo purchase restrictions.    

The Epoch Times reported, “This marks the second time in under a year that the local government in the nation’s capital city has been forced to amend its gun laws after being sued by Dick Heller….”

Heller was responsible for the original 2008 U.S. Supreme Court decision that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms “in case of confrontation.” 


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