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Hero Cops Lift Car to Save Infant Trapped Underneath

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Police officers from the Yonkers Police Department heroically saved a baby trapped under a car. The Yonkers Police Department Twitter account reported that the terrifying accident happened last when a driver barreled into the building carrying a mother and her daughter with it.

The security video and bodycam footage, shared to the Yonkers PD YouTube channel, shows a blue sedan making a wide turn on July 23 at around 8:30 a.m. before hitting the woman and her infant daughter. The quick-acting officers left the bagel shop next door and immediately began assisting the situation.

The camera worn by Officer Fusco captured the destruction left in the wake of the crash. As the footage starts, a woman, assumably the mother, is seen bloody on the ground in front of the stopped vehicle. Officer Fusco immediately begins lifting the car to help free the child.

Officer Samoyedny’s bodycam footage showed the moment the infant was pulled out from under the car after multiple bystanders and the two officers lifted the vehicle’s front end. The video did not show the little girl’s face, but her soiled dress was visible, and you could hear her crying for help.

TMZ reported that the driver was 43-year-old David Poncurak. The report states that officers allegedly found alcohol in the car, and he was arrested for DWI.

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According to Sgt. Frank DiDomizio, who spoke to Fox 5, “The pedestrians were a mother and child who suffered significant injuries but are stable at this time.” The report states that the baby’s mother sustained compound leg fractures, and her daughter is being treated for a fractured skull, but both are expected to recover.

Full Enlarged Video Available on YouTube


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