Hispanic Voters Dumping Democrats. Biden Approval At 26%

A new book on Biden and the Democrats’ election woes could be called, the best-laid plans of democrats and radical leftists oft go astray. With apologies to the proverb, the Democrats have ignored and even allegedly broken U.S. laws in a cynical attempt to “replace” departing working-class white voters with Hispanic voters mainly from Mexico and Central America.

But their plan has hit a snag. Because of their monolithic groupthink (thinking as a group and lumping people into groups), they don’t believe in Hispanics as individuals; they think of illegal immigrants as a group of potential Democrat voters. The plan is also to keep current Hispanic voters happy by allowing and even assisting illegal immigration at the southern border. Why would any legal immigrant support illegal immigration?

But that doesn’t appear to be working. No one knows whether the massive inflow of illegal immigrants will ever vote for their Democrat “benefactors.” First, there’d have to be amnesty, then a “path to citizenship,” and then actually voting Democrat.

However, if successful at achieving their devious plan, any new Hispanic voters are more likely to view the Democrats’ disastrous governance as current Hispanic voters do. According to FOX News, a Quinnipiac poll, that last year had Biden at 55 percent approval, now finds his “approval rating among Hispanic Americans has plummeted to 26%….”

Compared with “any other demographic,” Biden has the least support among Hispanic voters. The New York Post attributes the poll to “yet another sign of widespread discontent as Americans grapple with the ongoing border crisisbaby formula shortage and skyrocketing inflation.”

The Biden administration must believe Americans are stupid, attempting to convince voters “surges at the border” are cyclical and therefore “normal.” But that doesn’t explain the record-shattering numbers of people Border Patrol are encountering crossing into the U.S. illegally.

Biden and the Democrat Party apparently discount the traditional views Hispanics tend to have, closer to conservative Republicans. As traditional, hard-working, family-oriented Catholics, most come into the U.S. already more R than D, and once established, like those who immigrated here legally, sadly for Democrats, they are likely to become even more Republican.

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