History Professor Tweets About America Being a Racist Country

A professor in Texas, Dr. Michael Phillips, is being exposed for promoting racist ideology, like Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project. Dr. Phillips’s tweet in question was a response to Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s statement that Tennessee students “will be taught unapologetic American exceptionalism.”

Young America’s Foundation reported that Dr. Phillips responded to Gov. Lee’s tweet saying, “Yes, the United States has always been exceptionally racist.”

After the YAF wrote their report about Dr. Phillips, a U.S. History Professor at Collin College, a Community College in North Texas, the professor seems to have a social media tirade tweeting multiple derogatory accusations about the Foundation.

“The YAF promotes Neo-Nazis, and now they are upset that I call out racism. I had an uncle who fought Nazis in World War II. I’m proud to carry on the tradition.” The tweet got seven likes.


Then in a spastic Twitter thread, the Community College History teacher wrote, “A right-wing vigilante group, “Young Americans for Freedom,” featured me in a story.” He said, “Like Campus Reform, this is a group that claims to be fighting for free speech for “conservatives” but seeks to get professors fired for the sin of disagreeing with them.”

He then continued attacking Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin, “For 17 years, right-wing extremist pundit Michelle Malkin was a speaker for the group.” He claims she is an extremist because she was “friends with Nick Fuentes.”


After reading the descending thread about Malkin and Fuentes, it is clear this man is suffering from Blue-Anon syndrome. Similar to its cousin, Trump Derangement Syndrome. When you contract Blue-Anon Syndrome, the victim can find racism in everyone and everything.

Gov. Abbott signed an Anti-CRT bill, HB 3979, that goes into effect on Sept. 1 that bans any public school or university from teaching race exceptionalism and other racist ideologies found in Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project.

The text said, “no teacher shall be compelled by a policy of any state agency, school district, campus, open-enrollment charter school, or school administration to discuss current events or widely debated and currently controversial issues of public policy or social affairs.” The law also prohibits teachers from pushing students to be engaged in social justice causes and become activists for partisan politics.


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