House Republicans Fined After Refusing Pelosi’s Orders On Masks

Marmee Rooke

“Today is a great day for America. If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask,” Biden mumbled, during his address in the White House Rose Garden, about the new CDC guidance that allows vaccinated Americans to remove their mask.

Seemingly out of thin air, the science proved what Republicans have been saying since January, “If the vaccines work, trust the science and remove the mask.” Yet, despite CDC guidance and a call from Republican lawmakers to remove the mandate, Speaker Pelosi said she would be keeping the mask rule along with the fine for those who break it. First-time offenders face a $500 fine for not wearing a mask on the chamber floor and a $2500 fine for subsequent offenses.

At the end of April, Pelosi admitted that 75% of her Representatives had been vaccinated. But, according to a Johns Hopkins University study, the herd immunity percentage needed to protect everyone – vaccinated or not adequately – is 70%.

Republican Representatives had enough yesterday. A group of ten brave lawmakers staged a public protest of Pelosi’s mask mandate. Pelosi blames this on the Capitol physician not having the authority to “give” her “the names of people who aren’t vaccinated so [she] can go encourage them to be vaccinated.”

The following Republicans went maskless on the House Floor yesterday: Thomas Massie (Kentucky), Lauren Boebert (Colorado), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia), Chip Roy (Texas), Brian Mast (Florida), Bob Good (Virginia), Mary Miller (Illinois), Beth Van Duyne (Texas), Greg Steube (Florida), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Ralph Norman (South Carolina), Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Iowa), and Madison Cawthorn (North Carolina).

Congressman Thomas Massie, who enjoys his online persona #sassywithmassie, “Thought America might like to know this… Few congressmen or staff, or guards are wearing masks in the hallways or offices. ONLY ON THE FLOOR FOR TV. It’s all theatrics, folks.”

Congressman Brian Mast tweeted, “I have been fined $500 by SpeakerPelosi for following CDC guidance. This was never about science. It has always been about power.”

Rep. Mast told Fox, “I can’t give you her name because she had a mask on,” he said. “I didn’t know exactly who she was; she was saying we should all be ashamed of ourselves and started yelling at us, and then told us all to get out of her face even though we weren’t really talking to her.”

“Speaker Pelosi, in my opinion, only wants it done where people can see you on TV,” Mast said of the mask rule. He said the double standards behind the rule like a maskless gym or private meeting but not in public.

Although Rep. Gibbs wasn’t one of the maskless members named above, he did write a letter asking Pelosi to follow her own science. “Based on sound science, the CDC says those who are vaccinated have an incredibly low risk of becoming infected with coronavirus,” the letter states.

He said, “With that data, there is no reason the House of Representatives should not be fully open and returned to normal operations. It’s time to end the House’s mask mandate and staggered voting.”

“The House of Representatives is filled with enough political drama. The last thing we should be doing is contributing to vaccine hesitancy with the same Mask-erpiece Theater Congress engaged in during Biden’s address to the joint session,” he said. “I and my colleagues are calling on Speaker Pelosi to reverse these restrictions and allow the People’s House to resume regular operations.”

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