How the Washington Governor Terrorizes the Un-Vaxed While Calling Them the “Terrorists” | OPINION

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In a state where the Democrats have a track record of cheating in elections and currently refuse to audit the state’s election systems, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee rules as if he’s bulletproof.

This inane leader serves both a king and jester in his court. His ridiculous majesty’s latest antics came during a recent press conference when he inferred the unvaccinated people of his state are “domestic terrorists.”

The reason why you’re not “vaccinated” doesn’t matter.

If you’re a devout faith believer who hasn’t been vaccinated, you’re a terrorist. If you’re a young parent concerned about injecting an experimental mRNA concoction into your youngest child because he has a hole in his heart and a heart murmur and has virtually zero risk from the Covid, it doesn’t matter. You (and your child) are terrorists.

Ted Kaczynski and Timothy McVeigh stand aside. Mabel Miller down at the fruit stand is the next terrorist about to detonate her COVID all over you.

Jason Rantz, KTTH Radio host, and frequent guest on FOX News, wrote about Dictator Inslee’s acerbic and ignorant statements.

“On Covid, he’s been a train wreck. He’s been leaning into insane rhetoric meant to shame, bully, or scare you into submission.”

The dictator’s office initially dismissed the comments, telling “the Jason Rantz Show that his comment was unscripted.” However, when asked “twice” if the dictator meant his remarks, “his office didn’t respond.”

The dictator is vaxed up the wazoo. Despite that, there he was, wearing a useless facecloth the size of a dinner plate on his perpetually perplexed face—on TV. He always looks like he’s wondering where he is, where he’s been, and where he’s going next. It’s a near-perfect impersonation of Joe Biden but in a much younger man (with fewer excuses for his incompetence).

Dictator Inslee said, “Washingtonians are walking around with a time-bomb in their backpack. ‘Cause, they’re not vaccinated.” This is absurd.

After insulting his un-vaxed subjects, the dictator added some less insulting but no less ridiculous comments. He cites the Omicron variant, for which both the WHO and CDC had reported no deaths (Britain has since reported one death with Omicron). He also dismissed “declining numbers” of CCP virus infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. The dictator said, “What is possible is we may have to take measures to increase the vaccination rate.”

What measures? The dictator has already crushed local businesses, fired cops, firefighters, EMTs, nurses, doctors, etc., and now calls un-vaxed human beings domestic terrorists. Perhaps, he’s planning on imprisoning the un-vaxed in internment camps or implanting microchips in them. Hence, do people in government and businesses know which people it’s okay to discriminate against?

Without attribution, Rantz noted that Inslee had quoted Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, who is inflicting new oppressive lockdowns on “non-vaxed” Germans. Man, that must go over great with that nation’s 20th Century history.

Before his Germany-inspired comments, if what the dictator has said to this point is not enough to sprain your brain, please, prepare yourself for this next doozy from Dictator Doom. “In the next several months, into next year, you’re either going to have had Covid, you’re gonna have a vaccination, or you’re gonna be dead.”

Yes. A real, live human being in charge of a large American state said that, proving he is every bit the colossal idiot, so many Washingtonians believe him to be. What kind of person says stuff like that?

This is easily debunked.

Everyone now knows people shot up with the mRNA injection “vaccination” can still be infected by (and spread) the virus and (with comorbidities and no therapeutics) can die. So, how can his three exclusionary options be true? Especially when the death rate is so incredibly low.

Rantz wondered about the dictator’s motivations for making such offensive comments and cited his routine childish behavior. “He [Inslee] throws fits when he’s challenged.”

As Rantz slices through Inslee’s BS, he also notes the CCP virus death rate is under one percent. Rantz said, “You’ve got a higher chance of getting Covid after being vaccinated than dying from Covid while being unvaccinated.” He said whether it’s “bad faith” or being struck with unhinged fear, “like Inslee,” he pretends “the 1% death rate is the survival rate.”

Where Rantz and I diverge is when he promotes the “vaccine” as good for most people. He says he is vaccinated and happy about it. Great! That’s his choice and his opinion, and he is entitled to them. I’m certainly not offended because we disagree. After all, we have in common a firm commitment to liberty.

I’m not completely buying the dictator’s supposed unhinged fear of the CCP virus. I think it’s all pretend with him. I’d offer, rather than fearful of the virus, he’s much more fascinated with his “emergency” powers, which he apparently intends to cling to for as long as he possibly can.

  1. As one who lives in the People’s Republic of King County within the Democratic Republic of Washington, I see first-hand how inept and clueless Comrade Inslee is. He now rules without any check on his absolute power, as the Supreme Soviet and the Duma are in full cahoots with him. And the proletariat follow gladly along because they have had far too much Kool-Aid to drink.

  2. Robert Carl Wood…..I completely agree 👍…..While I have more colorful names for Dimslee, Governor “Swiss cheese for brains” is the only one that is suitable for mixed company🤣🤬🤣…..I also live in the communist country formally known as Washington State, but on the eastside where the brain eating cancerous rot of King County has not quite taken over….I have said on numerous occasions to my husband that Dimslee wears that face diaper to hide his mouth, which looks the way it does because he has been talking out both sides of it his ENTIRE LIFE…The silent majority can NO LONGER BE SILENT… God BLESS and PROTECT Washington State and the USA 🇺🇸 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  3. As a born and raised Washingtonian, I also have a loathsome opinion of Dictator Douche Bag. It still boggles my mind how he got re-elected. Perhaps along the lines of how FJB was “elected”.
    Remember the good old days when we were going to “follow the science?” Unfortunately, the science doesn’t leave room for tyranny so we can’t follow that anymore, (If we ever did).
    On the bright side, we freedom loving conservative Patriots residing in the great state of Washington pay little, if any attention to what Douche Bag has to say. We all know he’s a joke. Most of us residing on the West side share the same sentiment as our neighbors to the East. The only difference is proximity.

    May God bless and protect us all, everywhere.

  4. I as well was born and raised in WA state 52yrs my parents siblings, aunt’s uncles children and grandchildren all love here. Every one of us are about ready to leave this state, that’s how bad we loath Inslee. Every election we try to vote that idiot out along with his idiot democrat friends but every election the steal our elections with All Mail In Voting, Making WA a sanctuary state that allows illegal immigrants to get their state ID or divers licenses that automatically registers them to vote. They have refused to audit the WA state voter registration. They send ballots to every address you’ve ever had even if you’ve been dead for years. We were the first to use those Dominion Voting machines. They cought people at Seattle library in beginning of 2020 sent by Democratic party to make fake voter registrations but still refused to audit voter registration. Since it’s All Mail Ballots you don’t need any proof who you are. Also anyone can go to WA Voter Webpage and with only a name and birthday and zip you can print off a new ballot and submit it making your original ballot signed and returned void. Inslee played stupid last summer when gang members took over parts of Seattle trapping in homeowners and businessmen. He said he never heard anything about it but it was all over the news all across the world for months. He also took apples to Eastern WA when everyone knows it’s against the law because of apple magets. He closed he didn’t know. He sold our live trees to China when we are in a wood shortage and he said it was to stop wild fires. He ran for President in 2020 using WA state tax payer money said he wouldn’t pay us back when he couldn’t even get 1% of the vote. Every time he has a televised speech about Covid he pays a company 100k tax payer money to tell him what to say. He uses our approved taxes on things we don’t vote for. He’s used his emergency powers for 2 years to make whatever closures fines and mandates he wants. I live in Snohomish county our sheriff said he’s not requiring any mandates so I have never worn a mask 😷 besides Dr front office. My doctor has her own clinic she said since my family has had bad reactions to Covid shot and I personally have bad reactions to all pharmacudical poisons approved by FDA she suggests I don’t take it and I agree. I use to be only one in store not wearing mask then last summer s few more and now I see about a half dozen not wearing masks, so more and more people are waking up. Nobody likes out Idiot Govenor and he’s just a joke. He can go to hell

  5. Inslee blends wishful thinking, stupidity, and laziness into his one man Science Dictatorship. Who need individual freedom, when we can have the divine insight of Inslee… guided by Science, political favoritism, and his own unfounded belief in himself. You could see his breadth of experience and education when Loren Culp armed with K-12, and some Army courses soundly out classed Inslee in their one dedbate… law school, terms in the US House, and to terms as governor… and Culp… a concrete finisher turned cop out classed Inslee.

  6. Fred Maxwell, Cathleen Bircher, Vince Seholm , Robert Carl Wood, Thank you ladies and gent’s for your heart felt responses about the subhuman misanthrope commi dem in this pathetic classes CCP rat of a governor, he’s not governing anything, nor anyone. I’ve only worn that damned diaper when I was working on the tide flats at a logistic international vehicle facility. My intro to this shocking attempt at global partial genocide by fake fauci and co, no jab for me. Side humor I live in unincorporated pierce co. And no one here gives a damn. Some stores more or less compel the diaper, I’m bearded, ha. Something that’s really heretical and very dangerous for our future is when he’s allowing [ CRT ] PORN, taught in our schools. This is very dangerous, especially to our 1st graders and up. It’ will effect several generation’s and with this as a construct in children’s psyche compacted with emotional retardedness, ouch? Are any parent’s fighting back against this barbarism? My intro to this bullshit was 2/2020 and then ex-work. I knew straight away this was a plandemic and all of this was intentional. I’m single and live alone, of course I through a standard reflexive fit of anger and rage. This has been my immunity as if I needed any. Reach out to me on social media and if your here I’ll be happy to engage or follow all. Thank you.

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