Hundreds Protest Mandatory Vaccines Outside Tucson Hospital

Hundreds of people recently protested compulsory vaccines outside of Tucson Medical Center following an announcement from TMC and Banner Health that vaccinations will be mandatory for their employees.

KOLD 13 reports, Mark Lytle, a paramedic at the protest, said, “Whether you like the vaccine or you dislike the vaccine, anything experimental should carry a consent from the people who are getting it.” When asked if full FDA approval would make him more likely to get vaccinated, Lytle stated, “I will not be getting the vaccine. Our guys have been treated; many of us in public safety have been treated with Ivermectin. We’ve been recovered within 24 to 48 hours.”

Another protestor on the scene, who requested to remain unnamed, said, “Do you see a pandemic? A pandemic to me would be thousands of people would be dropping dead every day.” He went on to say, “It’s not protecting people. The spike protein is designed to replicate and give you Covid. It’s what is making people sick.”

Tucson Medical Center issued a statement to KOLD 13 News defending their position on requiring vaccines for employees. It said in part, “Our job is to keep staff and patients safe. We know vaccines work, so we stand behind our decision to require hospital workers to be vaccinated. Of those currently hospitalized with COVID, 99% are unvaccinated. We are allowing some exceptions and deferments. Those who wish to wait until the FDA fully approves the vaccine can sign up for a deferment as well as those who are pregnant. Some exceptions will be made for religious and health reasons. Those who are allowed deferments or exceptions will have to be tested twice a week.”

The Pima County Board of Supervisors will meet later this week to debate vaccination mandates for county healthcare professionals.


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