Hunter Biden is the Focus of Gas Station Sign in Nashville, TN

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Riiver Nihil

Americans have been taking their freedom of speech to new levels lately. Maryland’s Calvert County has a popular billboard toting an anti-Biden message, and now a gas station in Tennessee is poking fun at the upturn in gas prices due to the recent shortage.

Located in Nashville, the Lewis Country Store is known for stating its political beliefs very publicly on its rotating electronic sign.

The sign has three images in rotation: a still photo of Fox’s Tucker Carlson laughing; the Biden-Harris logo turned into a fuel gauge with the indicator on E; and a meme that states “I hope gas prices don’t get too high” on the left, with the famous picture of Hunter Biden smoking in the bathtub, purportedly high on drugs, on the right with the caption, “Gas Prices.”

While the store owner couldn’t be reached for comment — which is for the best according to the kitchen manager, as he “would say something smart” — it’s clear that the gas station does not appreciate the current Presidential and gas situations.

Tennessee was one of the states who suffered a hike in gas prices due to the recent successful cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

Like the aforementioned Calvert County billboard, this is not the first time the Lewis Country Store has utilized their billboard for free speech.

Earlier this year, they posted a meme of Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar loading an AK-47 in Somalia with the caption (that was later debunked), “Here is your precious Muslim congresswoman at an Al Qaida training camp in Somalia. She is trying to get this picture blocked.”

These signs pale in comparison to the signage that caused Shell to drop its backing of the Nashville store in 2016.

What could be worse than a picture of Hunter Biden strung out in a bathtub to make fun of him and gas prices at the same time?

“Trump Just Said It. Bill Clinton Did It! The Only P***y Trump Ever Grabbed was Paul Ryan! #TrumpThatB***ch.”

That’ll do it!

How did the Lewis Country Store respond to being dropped by Shell? “Due to our refusal to remove our pro-Trump sign, Shell has de-branded us. We will not be threatened or intimidated. Our doors will remain open. Vote Trump on Nov. 8th [2016] so this does not happen to you.”


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