More Hunter Biden Text Messages; "Yellow" Is Not The Worst Part

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The screenshot from Hunter Biden’s laptop that was released by the NY Post this week takes us further down the Biden rabbit hole.

What exactly was the text thread trying to accomplish?

The President’s son has made major headlines, and it’s nearly always about some time he royally got himself into hot water.

From drug addictions to calling his lawyer, George Mesires, the highly offensive “N word,” the alleged text message exchange between Hunter and his cousin Caroline fits right in with his atrocious behavior.

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Hunter Biden is free with his speech, as is his right as an American, but speech is incredibly revealing of one’s character. For example, “How much money do I owe you,” Hunter said to Mesires, “Becaause [sic] n—a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates.”

We don’t have context for the latest text message conversation with his cousin, Caroline, so everything is simply speculation until we can get more pieces to the puzzle.

It’s essential to keep an open mind when digesting any information, staying clear of any judgment until all of the pieces are collected. Even when something seems glaringly obvious (like the fact that Hunter doesn’t care about racial slurs and taboos), we cannot assume anything — yet.

That doesn’t stop us from speculating and doing some detective work to get to the bottom of it.

After all, if the President’s son is acting this way, where did he learn such heinous behavior?

Caroline’s Background

Caroline Biden, the daughter of Joe’s brother James, has also had a sketchy past of multiple run-ins with the law.

Just like her cousin, the First son (I can barely even type that without a bit of cringe), she has made plea deals and bargains to net her little, if any, jail time.

She totaled her car while on several controlled substances in August 2019 but didn’t serve any time incarcerated. Her vehicle reportedly “contained pill bottles for carisoprodol and lorazepam.” At the time of the accident, both of the chemicals were proven to be in her system.

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Her guilty plea returned a 20-day stint in rehab and probation for a minimum of five months, as well as a $1990 fine and 12 hours of community service.

Most people would’ve received six months in jail for the same incident, but apparently, it helps if your last name is Biden.

Her legal troubles seemed to start back in 2013. Caroline was arrested for punching an officer who was responding to a call at her residence. She had an altercation with her roommate and was booked on charges of resisting arrest and obstruction. She agreed to go to anger management and served no jail time.

In 2017, when she was 31, she also spent $110,000 on a stolen credit card to buy goods from a pharmacy in Greenwich. She did pay back every penny she stole, though the NY Post reported that “Justice Curtis Farber couldn’t hand down the promised sentence of two years’ probation due to a paperwork snafu.”

Snafu. Right.

She used the unidentified victim’s Chase card for a year-long shopping spree at the Bigelow Pharmacy, buying luxury beauty products on someone else’s dime. According to prosecutors, the victim had given her permission to make one single purchase totaling $672 in 2015.

Clearly, Caroline is into making the best decisions for herself and her future (not).

Hunter and Caroline’s Conversation

The two have been seen partying together and, given the nature of the people they associate with, it’s no surprise that such a conversation took place.

It appears she is talking about women for Hunter’s appreciation of some sort, offering them up in a menu type of style during the January 26, 2019 exchange.

Caroline seems to know what Hunter likes, women who are “legends,” as she states by pointing out only “Deva” fits the profile.

One text reads hoe several named women”… will all quality girls who are like I am- distrusting and highly highly wary of evil,” Caroline texted.

Wary of evil? Who is she fooling? Has she not seen her uncle greet women and children? Apparently, this is normal in the Biden family.

This conversation happened just over six months before Caroline’s DUI.

She brings up “Denise” and that she’s a “26” year-old (assuming she means age) German. Hunter responds with “No to Lucy I think,” indicating that there was likely prior talk about Lucy or he already has knowledge of her.

NY Post/Hunter Biden Texts

It’s obvious this is something they regularly conduct, as Hunter advises her to “make the pitch directly.”

Caroline asks if he wants foreign or domestic, as if these women are beers to be ordered on tap, and denies him only one kind of woman. “I can’t give you f****ng Asian sorry. I’m not doing it.”

This alludes to something, lest she wouldn’t bring the subject up. What that is, however, is an entirely different story.

Hunter tells her his preference at the time is “domesticated foreigner” and says, “Is fine” to her denial of an Asian woman.

She offers him “Isabella,” who has an NBA ex-husband and kids.

Even though she’s already told him no to Asian women, Hunter makes sure to text her “No yellow,” in regards to his “domesticated foreigner.”

This could mean he disregarded what she had said earlier or thought she was speaking solely of Asian women from their home countries when he clarified “domestic foreigner.”

The text exchange ends with a final suggestion from Caroline, “Yasmina,” leaving the world to ponder precisely what Hunter’s intentions are with this woman of the night he seeks.

NY Post/Hunter Biden Texts

It also begs the question of Caroline and how her cold heart could simply offer up women she knows for the sole reason of pleasing Hunter.

Birds of a feather flock together, don’t they?

Hunter’s father is quoted as saying in 2006 that “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

No woman, girl, or person for that matter should ever be presented as a toy, especially against their will. I’m not saying that this is the case, but let’s hope that these women being offered up are doing so of free will at the minimum.

Maybe this is just how all of the people in Hunter’s circle have decided to do life, offering each other up on the butcher’s block like a piece of meat to be devoured.


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