Hunter Biden: Treasury Dept. Finally Allows Oversight to Oversee

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen


Why is a Democrat-run federal agency finally caving to a Republican-led congressional committee after stonewalling for months?

Americans can be happy that one of Joe Biden’s federal agencies has “agreed” to cooperate with congressional oversight (who knew there was an option?). But how can people not wonder, why now?

Why is Biden lackey Janet Yellen’s Treasury Department finally cooperating with Congress by sending the House Oversight Committee “suspicious activity reports for the Biden family and their associates’ business transactions, according to Chairman James Comer (R-KY)” as announced via National Review?

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer

NR also wrote, “Comer said in a statement to National Review that the department’s decision to share the reports — which financial institutions are required to file when they detect unusual transactions that could signal illegal activity — comes after Treasury officials previously spent two months ‘dragging their feet.’”

Weird, happening at an agency within the “most transparent administration in history,” right?

So, either some unseen leverage has pressured Treasury finally to comply. Or, perhaps, they’ve completed the shenanigans done to hide, alter, or obscure the information they are turning over. The American people have zero reasons to trust any Federal agency run by Joe Biden? 

According to The Daily Wire, “Democrats in Congress vociferously oppose the probes run by Republicans into the Biden family, including the president’s brothers and his son, Hunter Biden, whose financial dealings are also being scrutinized by federal prosecutors.”

However, on a scale from bad to good, this pushes the dial toward the positive end of the gauge. Still, Americans remain understandably skittish about trusting government officials, especially those Democrats whose record of misleading and outright lying to the people is so prevalent.

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