Hurricane Ida Death Toll Rises in New York and New Jersey

The death toll in New Jersey and New York has grown to at least 46 dead as the effects of Hurricane Ida are ever-present. The massive hurricane caused massive flooding, tornadoes, and devastation wherever it touched.

ABC reports that Joe Biden approved New York and New Jersey to receive emergency aid due to the damage to the two states. Biden stated at his press conference concerning the storm that Hurricane Ida brought more rain to New York “than it usually sees the entire month of September.”

According to CBS, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy spoke at a press conference to give updates on the storm’s impact. He said, “This was a deadly and dangerous storm, and we continue to face its after-effect.” The death toll in New Jersey rose by 22 people overnight, and the number of deaths reaches 25, with six people still missing.


“An extraordinary, sadly tragic, historic 24 hours in New Jersey, there’s no other way to put it,” Gov. Murphy remarked.

The same report spoke to a conductor for the NYC subway system, which authorities shut down overnight due to extreme flooding. “Everything is electrified, so one false step, a passenger, or anyone, could be electrocuted,” the conductor said.

The NY Daily News reports the damage could total as much as $30 million in property damages. Governor of New York Kathy Hochul spoke to reporters about the devastation, saying, “Some people will call this a 500-year event. I don’t buy that.”

Hochul, who took the Governor’s spot when disgraced Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign, said she never wants to see “Niagra Falls rushing down the stairs in one of the New York City subways.” Hochul also lamented the state’s evacuation operation, promising to “get a better system.”

“We have to get a better system for evacuations, and deploy people on the ground in these events, and not hope that they got a message. We have a vulnerable population that has surfaced through this when you saw so many people dying literally in their own homes,” Gov. Hochul said.

Rescue crews are still looking for missing people, and all over the tri-state area, elected officials begin tallying the damage done to already suffering communities.


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