Some Hurricane Ida Victims Call Schumer and AOC’s Visit a ‘Waste of Time’

The devastation left in New York and New Jersey from Hurricane Ida is still being assessed. Residents have seen Joe Biden, Bill DeBlasio, AOC, and Chuck Schumer come out to their neighborhoods with camera crews to document the destruction.

However, the neighborhood residents didn’t see their trips as anything more than photo-ops for the Democrats’ latest fundraising efforts. In a video released by FreedomNew.TV, residents were honest about their encounters with their elected officials, including one resident, a woman in a red tank top, who was asked about her time with the elected Democrats saying it “was a waste of time.”

“All it was, was a photo-op for them. They had a microphone set up, and they refused to talk to the community. They talked to the Press,” she said. “But not the community.”

She went on to say that rather than educate the neighborhood about the federal and state resources that would be available to them, the Democrats talked to the Press and then left them a pamphlet.

“The neighbors didn’t learn anything,” the woman in red said. “They handed out a piece of paper and said, ‘go to 4602 47th Ave.’ Big Deal,” she said. The woman said some of the homes in her neighborhood were flooded to the roof. She said her neighbors weren’t helped by AOC or Chuck Schumer’s visit and that the city’s sanitation workers were the real heroes.

Sanitation was the best people that came through here,” she said. “They listened. They held our hands and everything.” She said the city officials did nothing to help.

She wasn’t the only New York resident who was disappointed in the publicized visit by the Democrats. Three other residents were interviewed by Freedom News standing in front of mounds of trash and debris piled onto the sidewalk. The residents said they didn’t think anything would happen to help clean up after Biden’s visit.

“I only see a photo-op instead of volunteers coming and helping people who can’t help [themselves],” said one man in a NY Yankees hat. He said he knows of some residents who need help to clean up the debris left by Hurricane Ida. He said the only support his neighbors have received was a delivery of buckets from the Red Cross.


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